Protest at Paris in May Day on re-election

Protest at Paris in May Day on re-election

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French President Emmanuel Macron had secured his second term by defeating far-right leader Marine Le Pen in presidential elections in last week. Macron won a new five-year presidential term.

Emmanuel Macron became the first French president to win re-election in his country.

Thousands of people performed May Day marches across France with demand for salary increases and for Macron to drop his plan to increase the retirement age.

Most of the protests were peaceful but violence broke out in the capital of France in which city police arrested 54 people, including a woman who attacked a fireman trying to put out a fire. In the clashes eight police were injured.

Clashes with police erupted at the start of the march near La Republique Square and when it reached La Nation Square in eastern Paris.

About 250 rallies were formed in Paris and other cities including Lille, Nantes, Toulouse and Marseille. Overall 116,500 people showed their agitation across the country, including 24,000 in the capital.

Trade unions were united by political figures – mostly from the left – and climate activists in Paris.

Main theme of election:

The cost of living is the main theme in the presidential election campaign and looks set to be equally prominent ahead of June legislative elections that Macron’s party and its allies have to win to implement his pro-business policies, including increasing retirement age to 65 for 62.

Joshua Antunes, a 19-year-old student said that, it is significant to demonstrate against Macron and the whole political world to indicate them as we are set to defend our social rights.

Posters and Banners:

Marchers posted banners reading “Retirement before Arthritis”, “Retirement at 60, Freeze Prices” and “Macron, Get Out”.

The government has got to manage with the purchasing power problem by raising wages.

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