Quant Quiz 9th October 2018

Directions (1 to 10): Read the following Bar chart and answer the following questions given below it.

There are only five schemes which are to be implemented and continue in different months of year 2016. Percentage wise distribution of funds allotted to these five schemes in six different months


Following table shows the value of funds allotted to the schemes in different months

Months Schemes Value of fund(in crores)
January PMAY+PMYY 1920
February GUTS+ZED+NAPS 1715
March PMYY+GUTS 1833
May GUTS 266
June ZED+NAPS 1218

1. Find the difference (in cr.) in the total fund allotted to the schemes ZED and NAPS together in January and that to the schemes GUTS and PMYY together in June.

(a) 1894

(b) 1984

(c) 1980

(d) 1948

(e) None of these

  1. What is the ratio between value of fund allotted to PMAY in February and May ?

(a) 23 : 75

(b) 25 : 76

(c) 3 : 7

(d) 23 : 76

(e) None of these

  1. Find the percentage rise or fall in the value of fund allotted to NAPS in May as compared to March.

(a) 3.12%

(b) 2.56%

(c) 5.2%

(d) 2.12%

(e) 4.83%

  1. Only 80%, 85% and 90% of the funds allotted to PMYY in February, NAPS in March and GUTS in April respectively was provided for the schemes. Find the value (in Cr.) of fund that was not provided for said schemes.

(a) 265.65

(b) 276.5

(c) 267.05

(d) 282.2

(e) None of these

  1. Value of fund allotted to PMAY in May is what percent of the total fund allotted for five schemes in February ?

(a) 75.5%

(b) 80%

(c) 74%

(d) 76%

(e) None of these

Directions (6 to 10): Two equations I and II are given below in each question. You have to solve these equations and give answer




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