Quant Quiz for IBPS Clerk MAINS 2021| 10 Fab 2021

Quant Quiz for IBPS Clerk MAINS 2021

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exam.

Q1. Train ‘P’ having speed of 120kmph leaves station ‘X’. After 4 hours, Train ‘Q’ having speed of 160kmph leaves station ‘X’ and move in same direction as of Train ‘P’. In ‘T’ hours train ‘Q’ will be ahead of train ‘P’ by 48 km. Find distance travelled by a Jeep in (T + 6.8) hours, if speed of Jeep is 62.5% of speed of Train P?
1. 1500 km
2. 1250 km
3. 1375 km
4. 1650 km
5. 1125 km
Q2. Perimeter of a square is equal to perimeter of a rectangle, if area of square is 729 sq.cm and length of rectangle is 100% more than that of breadth, then find the area of rectangle? (in cm sq.)
1. 792
2. 728
3. 684
4. 648
5. 582
Q3. Three pipes P, Q and R together can fill a cistern in 11 hours. If pipe P, Q and R opened together but after 6 hours ‘Q’ is closed and P and R fills the remaining cistern in 8 more hours then find in how much time pipe ‘Q’ can fill the cistern alone?
1. 29 ⅓ hours
2. 28 ½ hours
3. 14 ½ hours
4. 27 ⅓ hours
5. 25 ⅓ hours
Q4. Find number of ways in which words can be formed using ‘RECOGNITION’ such that two ‘O’ and two ‘N’ always come together?
1. 362885 ways
2. 144885 ways
3. 191345 ways
4. 182485 ways
5. 181440 ways
Q5. A man’s age is four times the average age of his three children. If ratio of his children’s age is 2 : 3 : 4 and man is 40 years elder than youngest child, then find average age of all four together?
1. 24 years
2. 18 years
3. 21 years
4. 27 years
5. 22 years
Direction (6 -10): Study the following information given in the paragraph and answer the questions accordingly.
Following information gives data regarding number of employees (male + female) in different company viz. A, B, C and D. Total employees in company C is 440 and its male employees are 20 more than its female employees. The no. of male employees in company B is 30% less than male employees of company D. The ratio of male to female employees in company A and B is 9:7 and 3:1 respectively. The male employees of company B is equal to female employees in company C. Female employees in company A and B are equal. The female employees of company D is 2 more than female employees of company C.

Q6. Find the ratio of female employees of company D to male employees of company C?
1. 7/23
2. 106/117
3. 106/115
4. 53/75
5. none of these
Q7. Find the average of male employees of all the company together.
1. 207.5
2. 181.5
3. 226
4. 150.5
5. 156
Q8. For how many companies the no. of female employees is more than no. of male employees in that company?
1. 3
2. 1
3. 2
4. none of these
5. 0
Q9. Find the difference between the average of male employees in company A,B and D together and no. of female employees in company D.
1. 15
2. 23
3. 20
4. 12
5. none of these
Q10. Find the total employees in all the company together.
1. 1482
2. 1392
3. 1402
4. 1502
5. 1202


Q1. Ans(1)
Q3. Ans(1)
Q4. Ans(5)
Q5. Ans(3)
Sol (6 -10):
Q7. Ans(1)
Q8. Ans(5)
As it can be seen from the table there is no company in which no. of female employees is greater than male employees.
Q10. Ans(2)
required total employees in all the company together=(90+210+230+300+70+70+210+212)=1392

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