Quant Quiz for IBPS CLERK PRE 2019 |28 November 2019

Quant Quiz for IBPS CLERK PRE

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exams


Q1. Mohit borrowed Rs. 12000 on C.I. at the rate of 20% for three years. He paid at the end of first year 1/8th of amount and end of second year 1/6th of amount. Find how much amount Mohit have to pay at the end of third year to complete his debt? 
A. 15220 Rs
B. 15520Rs
C. 15340 Rs
D. 15120Rs.
E. 15560 Rs 
Answer & Explanation
 Q1. Ans(D)
Q2. A 240 meters long train passed a man in 12 secs. If train crossed a tunnel and a bridge in total 54 secs while length of bridge is 33⅓% more than the length of tunnel then, find the length of bridge
A. 360 meters
B. 300 meters
C. 400 meters
D. 460 meters
E. 480 meters 
Answer & Explanation
 Q2. Ans(E)
Q3. If a truck reduces its speed by 24% then it will take 3 hours more than its usual time to cover a total distance of 380 km. Find the difference between truck’s reduced speed and its usual speed? 
A. 8.4 km/hr
B. 7.2 km/hr
C. 9.6 km/hr
D. 8.8 km/hr
E. 7.8 km/hr 
Answer & Explanation
 Q3. Ans(C)
Q4. A milkman has 28 liters of milk. Ratio between quantity of milk he sold to water added to remaining milk is 4 : 3 and by doing this, quantity of milk and water in the mixture becomes equal. Find quantity of water added by milkman? 
A. 12 ltr
B. 10 ltr
C. 16 ltr
D. 14 ltr
E. 18 ltr 
Answer & Explanation
 Q4. Ans(A)
Q5. A’ and ‘B’ can complete a work in 18 days. If they take help of ‘C’ then all three can complete the same work in 90/7 days. Find in how many days C alone complete (8/9)th of work? 
A. 35 days
B. 30days
C. 36 days
D. 40 days
E. 42 days
Answer & Explanation
 Q5. Ans(D)
Q6.  A and B started the work alternatively starting with A. On last day, A completed the work by doing 12.5% of the whole work. Which of the following can be the possible value of time taken by B alone to do that work if A alone can do the whole work in 6 days.
1. 15 days
2. 8 days
3. 10 days
4. 6 days
5. 12 days
Answer & Explanation
  Q6. Ans(2)
Q7. Ratio of age of Ravi to Vicky, 4 years ago was 5: 6, while ratio of present age of Rocky to that of Vicky is 5: 4. If 2 years later sum of age of Ravi and Rocky will be 63 years, then find the difference between present age of Ravi and Vicky?
1. 4 years
2. 2 years
3. 8 years
4. 6 years
5. 5 years
Answer & Explanation
 Q7. Ans(1)
Q8. In first mixture, quantity of milk was 6 lit more than that of water. After adding 40 ltr of second mixture (having ratio of water to milk 3: 5) in the first mixture, ratio of water to milk in the final mixture becomes 9: 13. Find the total quantity of water in the final mixture.
1. 27 ltr
2. 31.5 ltr
3. 36 ltr
4. 45 ltr
5. None of these
Answer & Explanation
 Q8. Ans(3)
Q9.  An article is sold at 40% discount on M.P. and ratio of C.P. to S.P. is 5: 8 then what is the M.P. of article if the profit obtained on the article is Rs. 450.
1. Rs. 1400
2. Rs. 2400
3. Rs. 1600
4. Rs. 2200
5. Rs. 2000
Answer & Explanation
 Q9. Ans(5)
Q10.  If two dices are rolled together, then find the probability of getting a sum of numbers on both the dice an even number?
1. 3/4
2. 2/3
3. 1/6
4. 5/6
5. 1/2
Answer & Explanation
 Q10. Ans(5)

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