Quant Quiz for IBPS MAINS, SBI MAINS & RRB MAINS 2021| 14 January 2021

Quant Quiz for ,IBPS MAINS, SBI MAINS & RRB MAINS 2021

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exam.

Direction (1 -5): Table given below gives information about total no. of product sold by five companies, ratio of product sold in rural area to product sold in urban area by each company and also gives ratio of total mobile sold in rural area to total laptop sold in rural area by each company.
Q1. In rural area, no. of mobile sold by MI is how much less than no. of laptop sold by Apple.
1. 5360
2. 2560
3. 2800
4. 3280
5. 6080
Q2. If 650 laptops for MICROSOFT are defected and after selling non-defective laptop company earns no profit no loss on total quantity. Find selling price of laptop was how much percent more than C.P.(for MICROSOFT ratio of mobile sold to laptop sold is 15:7)
Q3. Find ratio of average no. of mobile sold by MI, MICROSOFT and APPLE in rural area to no. of product sold by LENOVO in urban area.
1. 39 : 200
2. 39 : 193
3. 13 : 85
4. 200 : 39
5. 193 : 39
Q4. Average no. of product sold by all companies is how much more or less than total product sold by HP in urban area.
1. 6543 less
2. 6534 more
3. 6354 more
4. 6534 less
5. 6543 more.
Q5. If ratio of mobile sold by MI to laptop sold by MI in urban area is 16 : 23, then find no. of laptop sold by APPLE in rural area is what part of laptop sold by MI in urban area.
1. 304/261
2. 261/161
3. 304/161
4. 161/304
5. 161/261
Direction (6 -10): Study the following line-graph carefully to answer the following questions.
Line-graph shows the production of cars i.e. Honda, Audi and Suzuki cars (in thousands) in 5 different years.

Q6. In year 2017, if demand of Audi and Suzuki cars increases by 4% and 5% respectively as compared to year 2015, due to which production of Audi and Suzuki cars also increases by same percentage and overall cars produced in year 2017 is same as overall cars produced in year 2015. Then find the no. of Honda cars produced in year 2017?
1. 48250
2. 52250
3. 42250
4. None of these
5. 42750
Q7. Total production of Audi cars in 2013, 2014 and 2015 together is what percent more or less than total production of Honda cars in same years together?
Q8. If 20%, 25% and 40% Suzuki cars are defective in year 2013, 2014 and 2016 respectively, then find total Suzuki cars which are not defective in all these years together?
1. None of these
2. 50000
3. 40000
4. 60000
5. 45000
Q9. If selling price of each Honda car and Suzuki car is Rs. 3.5 lakh and Rs. 4.5 lakh respectively. Then, find difference (in lakh) between total revenue generated from the sales of Honda cars and Suzuki cars in year 2012, 2013 and 2014 together. (all the cars produced were sold by these two companies)
1. Rs. 14500 lakh
2. Rs. 22500 lakh
3. Rs. 26500 lakh
4. Rs. 24500 lakh
5. None of these
Q10. Find the difference between average of cars produced by Audi and Suzuki in all the five years.
1. 2000
2. 3000
3. 2500
4. 4000


Q1. Ans(4)
Q2. Ans(1)
Q3. Ans(1)
Q4. Ans(4)
Q5. Ans(3)
Q6. Ans(3)
Q7. Ans(1)
Q8. Ans(4)
Q9. Ans(2)
Q10. Ans(4)

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