Quant Quiz for IBPS MAINS, SBI MAINS & RRB MAINS 2021| 20 January 2021

Quant Quiz for ,IBPS MAINS, SBI MAINS & RRB MAINS 2021

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exam.

Direction (1- 5): Given below is the table which shows the ratio of Efficiency of X and Y in completing five different works and time taken by X alone to complete these five works. Line Graph shows the number of days Y actually worked on these five works.

Q1. After Y had worked for the given number of days on work C and work D, X completes the remaining of work C and work D. Time taken by X in completing the remaining of work C is what percent more or less than time taken by him in completing the remaining of work D.
1. 100/9%
2. 500/9%
3. 200/3%
4. 100/6%
5. 200/9%
Q2. X and Y together started working on work D but both left after working for 2 days. Remaining work is completed by M and N together in 4 days. If ratio of efficiency of X and M in completing work D is 7 : 3, then in how much time N alone will complete the work D.
1. 14 days
2. 28 days
3. 21 days
4. 42 days
5. 35 days
Q3. If percentage of work C completed by X in 4 days is equal to the percentage of work C completed by 4 women in 5 hours and ratio of efficiency of a woman and a child in completing work C is 5 : 3, then in how much time work C will be completed by 6 children.
1. 100/9 hours
2. 100/6 hours
3. 50/7 hours
4. 200/3 hours
5. 20/3 hours
Q4. If another person Z can complete work B in (Q – P) days where P and Q are the times taken by X and Y together to complete work B and C respectively, then what is the ratio of efficiency of Y and Z in completing work B?
1. 2 : 9
2. 1 : 9
3. 9 : 17
4. 5 : 23
5. 2 : 5
Q5. After Y had worked for the given numbers of days on work C, D and E, what is the sum of times taken by X in completing the remaining of work C, D and E?
1. 90/7 days
2. 25/7 days
3. 50/7 days
4. 100/7 days
5. 60/7 days
Direction (6 -10): In the following table, the investments and profits of three businessmen in different sectors are given. Study the table carefully and solve the following questions:
1. Apart from Telecom and Technology sector, businessmen invested the amount for same period.
2. Some values are missing; you have to calculate these values as per given data.

Q6. If the total profit in Industrial sector is Rs.81000, then find the ratio of investment by Aditya in Finance to Industrial Sector.
1. 3 : 7
2. 7 : 3
3. 5 : 9
4. 9 : 5
5. 3 : 2
Q7. In telecom sector profit earned by Aditya, Veer and Sushant is in the ratio 4 : 5 : 3. Total amount invested by Aditya and Veer is Rs.14000 but Aditya invested for 8 month and Veer invested for 10 months. Find the period that Sushant invested his amount?
1. 7 Months
2. 5 Months
3. 6 Months
4. 9 Months
5. Can’t be determined
Q8. If the average of total profit earned in Energy sector by all three businessmen is Rs.132000, then amount invested by Aditya is what percentage of the total money invested by all three businessmen in Energy Sector?
1. 41 ⅔%
2. 33 ⅓%
3. 25%
4. 18.67%
5. Can’t be determined
Q9. In technology sector, ratio of time given by Aditya, Veer and Sushant is 4 : 3 : 5 and average of total investment is Rs.19000, then what will be the average profit made by all three businessmen?
1. Rs.148000
2. Rs.185000
3. Rs.160000
4. Rs. 158000
5. Can’t be determined
Q10. Total investment made by Aditya in Finance is what percentage more than the investment made by Veer in Energy sector?
1. 175%
2. 133⅓%
3. 75%
4. 33⅓%
5. 25%


Q1. Ans(2)
Q3. Ans(1)
Q5. Ans(5)
Q6. Ans(2)
Q7. Ans(1)
Q9. Ans(4)
Q10. Ans(3)

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