Quant Quiz for IBPS PO PRE 2019 |09 September 2019

Quant Quiz for IBPS PO PRE 

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,  and other competitive exams.

Q1. Meenu had a certain sum of money. 5/11 th of the total money she invested in Scheme X for 6 years and rest of the money she invested in Scheme Y for 2 years. Scheme X offers simple interest at rate of 18% p.a. and Scheme Y offers compound interest (compounded annually) at a rate of 20% p.a. If the interest received from Scheme X is Rs 1518 more than the interest received from Scheme Y, what was the sum invested by her in Scheme X? 

A) Rs 2640

B) Rs 2750

C) Rs 2500 

D) Rs 2850

E)  Rs 2550 

Answer & Explanation
  Q1. Ans(B)

Q2. Data Ram lends equal sum of money at the same rate of interest to A and B. The money lends to A becomes twice of the original amount in just four years at simple interest. While Data Ram lends to B for the first two years at compound interest and for the rest two years at simple interest. If the difference between the amount of A and B after 4 years is Rs. 2750. What is the amount of money that Data Ram lends to each one? 

A) Rs. 40000

B) Rs. 6000

C) Rs. 8000 

D) Rs. 80000

E) none of these 

Answer & Explanation
  Q2. Ans(C)

Q3. Rs. 6100 was partly invested in Scheme A at 10% p.a. compound interest (compounded annually) for 2 years and partly in Scheme B at 10% p.a. simple interest for 4 years. Both the schemes give equal interests. How much was invested in Scheme A ? 

A) Rs. 3750

B) Rs. 4500

C) Rs. 4000 

D) Rs. 3250

E)  Rs. 5000 

Answer & Explanation
  Q3. Ans(C)

Q4. There are three pipes-A, B & C. A & B are filling pipes and C is emptying pipe. Pipe-A alone can fill the tank in 1 hour & pipe-C is 20% more efficient than pipe-A. If pipe-A & B working together fill the tank in 75/2 minutes, then find in how much time pipe-A, B & C working together can fill the tank? 

A) 6 hours 

B) 4.5 hours

C) 2.5 hours

D) 3 hours

E) 5 hours

Answer & Explanation
 Q4. Ans(C)

Q5.  If Hemant works for 20 days and Manoj works for 15 days then 3/5th of the work has been completed. If Manoj works for 6 days and Hemant works for 16 days then 2/5th of the work has been completed. Find in how many days both can complete the work together. 

A)  30 days 

B) 50 days

C) 75 days

D) 60 days

E) Can’t be determine.

Answer & Explanation
 Q5. Ans(A)

Q6. If X men can do a work in (X+16) days and (2X+32) men can do same work in 8 days then find in how man days (X-8) men can do half of the work.

A) 32 days

B) 16 days

C)  64 days 

D) 48 days

E) 48 days

Answer & Explanation
 Q6. Ans(A)

Direction (Q7 – Q10): Given below are the 2 pie-chart. Pie chart I shows the percentage distribution of all students in different department of a college and 
Pie Chart 2 shows the percentage distribution of Girls in different department of the same college. 


Q7. Boys studying in Civil are how much percent more/less than Girls studying in same department. 

A) 300%

B) 225%

C) 140%

D) 180%

E) 125%

Answer & Explanation
 Q7. Ans(A)

Q8.  Find the average of boys studying in computer, Electrical and Civil department together? 

A)  385 

B) 525 

C) 448 

D) 568 

E) 552

Answer & Explanation
 Q8. Ans(B)

Q9.  Find the difference of boys studying in mechanical department and boys studying in Civil department? 

A) 2370

B) 1550

C) 2760

D) 2100

E) 2700

Answer & Explanation
 Q9. Ans(D)

Q10. Boys studying in computer and IT department together are what percent of total students in these department? 

A) 17%

B) 28 1/3%

C) 20%

D) 46%

E) 25%

Answer & Explanation
 Q10. Ans(C)

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