Quant Quiz for RBI Grade B & ECGC PO 2021| 9 March 2021

Quant Quiz for RBI Grade B & ECGC PO 2021

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exam.

Q1. Three persons A, B and C started a business by investing in the ratio of 2/3:1/2:3/4. After 5 months, B increases his investment by 2/3 rd of his initial amount. If after 12 months, the difference of the profit shares of A and C is Rs. 1,350 then find the profit share of B.
1. Rs. 11,500
2. Rs. 11,200
3. Rs. 12,250
4. Rs. 11,250
5. Rs. 10,250
Direction (2 -6): The following Table DI shows the quantity of waste (Dry and Wet) picked by a truck on 5 different days. The capacity of the truck from Monday to Wednesday is 180 kg and for rest two days is 150 kg.
Note:- If the waste produce in a day is greater than the capacity of the truck, then the extra amount of waste will be picked on next day.]
Q1. If on Wednesday the truck picks only 80% of the waste of his capacity, then find the difference between the quantity picked of wet waste and dry waste on the same day? (priority given to wet waste)
1. 64 kg
2. 48 kg
3. 62 kg
4. 54 kg

5. 42 kg

Q3. Find the ratio of total dry waste produced on Monday, Tuesday and Friday together to wet waste produced on Wednesday and Thursday together?
1. 194 :218
2. 185 : 212
3. 183 : 224
4. 212:185
5. 224 : 183
Q4. What is the amount of waste left by the end of the Wednesday?
1. 18 kg
2. 16 kg
3. 14 kg
4. 20 kg
5. 12 kg
Q5. Find the total quantity of dry waste on all the five days together?
1. 381 kg
2. 413 kg
3. 361 kg
4. 337 kg
5. 321 kg
Q6. What is the value of ‘y’?
1. 4
2. 5
3. 6
4. 3
5. 8
Q7. P can do a work in 1/4 th of time in which Q alone can do and R can do the same work in same time as P and Q together will take. If all three working together can complete the work in 16 days, then find in how many days P and R together can complete the work?
1. 200/9 days
2. 148/9 days
3. 130/9 days
4. 140/9 days
5. 160/9 days
Q8. Time taken by a boat to cover (D-11) km in upstream is 5 times of the time taken by boat to cover (D-21) km in downstream. If ratio of speed of current to speed of boat in downstream is 1 : 3 and boat can cover (D-8) km in upstream in 14 hours, then, find speed of boat in still water?
1. 6 kmph
2. 4 kmph
3. 8 kmph
4. 5 kmph
5. 7 kmph
Q9. A dishonest shopkeeper used false weights weighing 10% less and 20% more at the time of selling and purchasing of goods respectively and Sol.d the goods at 5% above its cost price. Find his profit percentage?
1. 25%
2. 32%
3. 40%
4. 50%
5. 12.5%
Q10. In a two-digit number, digit at unit place exceeds the digit at tens place by 4 and the product of the number with the sum of its digits is equal to 576. Find the difference between original number and number formed by reversing its digits?
1. 18
2. 36
3. 54
4. 45
5. None of these


Q1. Ans(4)
Sol (2 – 6): 
Q2. Ans(2)
Q3. Ans(5)
Q4. Ans(3)
Q5. Ans(3)
Q6. Ans(2)
Q7. Ans(5)
Q8. Ans(2)
Q9. Ans(3)

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