Quant Quiz for SBI CLERK Mains & RBI Assistant Mains 2020 |13 June 2020


Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exams

Q1. In a bag, there are 30 balls of three different colors i.e. red, blue and brown. Number of red balls are 6 more than that of blue and ratio of number of red to brown balls is 7 : 4. If all blue balls are taken away then find the probability of getting 3 red balls out of the remaining balls in the bag.
1. 13/66
2. 1/5
3. 26/105
4. 13/55
5. None of these
Q2. Volume of sphere and cylinder are equal and the radius of both is same. Find volume of cone whose base radius and height is same as that of cylinder?(Given height of cylinder is 16cm)
Q3. 12 men can do a work in 10 days while 15 women can do that work in 12 days and 20 children can do that work in 15 days. All men started work together and after five days they left the work then the remaining work is completed by nine women and X children in five days. Find value of X?
1. 25
2. 20
3. 15
4. 12
5. 10
Q4. A shopkeeper allows two successive discounts of 20% and 15% respectively on marked price of an article and customer also managed to get additional discount of Rs 220. Shopkeeper finds that selling price of the article is  of marked price. Find cost price for the shopkeeper if he incurs a profit of  on it?
1. Rs. 735
2. Rs. 714
3. Rs. 665
4. Rs. 630
5. None of the above
Q5.Ravi and Kiran started a business by investing Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 7500 respectively. But after 4 months, Ravi withdrew Rs 3000 and Kiran increased his amount by Rs 1500 and his friend Abhi joined the business with Rs. 9750. If at the end of a year, difference between profit share of Ravi and Abhi is Rs. 5950. Then, find total profit earned in a year ?
1. Rs. 43,800
2. Rs. 42,500
3. Rs. 44,500
4. Rs. 44,950
5. Rs. 45,500
Direction (6 – 10): The given table shows the number of classes taken by five different students (P, Q, R, S and T) in different months of a year and fees paid by them for each class.

(i) Each student takes three classes in Feb and for every year data given is same.
(ii) ‘—’ is missing value
(iii) Each class is of one hour.
(iv) All students take classes from different teachers and all students takes classes in every month.
Q6. Find the ratio of number of classes taken by S to the number of classes taken by P in two year?
1. 3 : 4
2. None of the above
3. 2 : 3
4. 3 : 2
5. 4 : 3
Q7. Find the number of classes taken by R in all the months of 31 days in a year if he paid total fees of Rs. 31,200 in that year.
1. 28
2. 35
3. 14
4. 21
5. 42
Q8. Find the difference between the total fees paid by S and Q if both take classes for two years only?
1. Rs. 4500
2. Rs. 5000
3. Rs. 6000
4. Rs. 4800
5. Rs. 5400
Q9. If R takes 2 classes on every month of 31 days in a year then total fees paid by R and Q together in that year is approximately what percent of total fees paid by P and S together in that year ?
1. 118%
2. 123%
3. 127%
4. 130%
5. 115%
Q10. If T takes no classes in any months of 30 days in a particular year then fees paid by P is what percent more or less than that of T in that particular year ?
Q1. Ans(4)
Q3. Ans(3)
Q4. Ans(5)
Q5. Ans(2)
Q6. Ans(4)
Q7. Ans(1)
Q8. Ans(5)
Required difference = 2 × 32 × 600 – 2 × 33 × 500 = Rs. 5400
Q9. Ans(2)
Q10. Ans(3)

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