Railway Physics Quiz for RRB ALP Exam |RRB | 11th JANUARY 2019

Get daily topic-wise Railway Quiz Questions and answers for various RRB exams like NTPC, JE, ALP, Group C and D. Free section-wise Indian railway quiz for RRB Exam.

Q1. Reflection from a smooth surface like that of a mirror is called ___________ reflection.

(a) Regular                                                                         

(b) Irregular

(c) Diffused                                                                        

(d) Fused

Q2. Which of the following is not a vector quantity?

(a) Momentum                                                                

(b) Displacement

(c) Torque                                                                          

(d) Speed

Q3. At what temperature (in Fahrenheit) pure water freezes?

(a) 32                                                                                   

(b) 0

(c) 48                                                                                                    

(d) 37

Q4. What is the other name of Galileo’s law of falling bodies?

(a) Law of motion                                                                            

(b) Newton’s first law

(c) Newton’s second law                                                              

(d) Newton’s third law

Q5. Which one among the following components is used as an amplifying device?

(a) Transformer

(b) Diode

(c) Capacitor

(d) Transistor

Q6. The unit of measurement of Noise is –

(a) Decibel

(b) Hertz

(c) Amplifier

(d) Acoustics

Q7. Which one of the following processes is responsible for the glittering of air bubble rising through water?

(a) Reflection of light

(b) Refraction of light

(c) Total internal reflection of light

(d) Scattering of light

Q8. In an optical fibre the signal is transmitted –

(a) In a straight line path

(b) In a curved path

(c) Due to total internal reflection

(d) Due to refraction

Q9. Which of the following has the lowest frequency?

(a) Visible light

(b) Gamma rays

(c) X-rays

(d) Ultra violet rays

Q10. Who discovered theory of relativity?

(a) Isaac Newton                             

(b) Albert Einstein

(c) Neil Bohr                      

(d) Michael Faraday



Exp. When a beam pass of parallel light rays is incident on a smooth and plane surface, the reflected rays will also be parallel. This type of reflection is called Regular Reflection.


Exp. Speed is the distance travelled by object in a certain interval of time.Speed is not dependent on direction hence it is a scalar quantity. While Displacement, Momentum and Torque has both magnitude and direction, so they are vector quantity.


Exp. The temperature at which a liquid freezes is called the Freezing Point. The freezing point of water is 32°F.


Exp. Newton’s first law is other name of Galileo’s law of Falling bodies.According to Law of Fall “The distance travelled by falling body is directly proportional to the square of the time it takes to fall”. This latter claim states that a body in motion will continue its motion so long as no factor disturbs that motion. This principle is called the principle of inertia which is basis of Newton’s first law.


Exp. A transistor is a semiconductor device used as an amplifying device.


Exp. The unit of measurement of Noise is Decibel.


Exp. Total internal reflection is responsible for the glittering of air bubble rising through water.


Exp. In an optical fibre the signal is transmitted due to total internal reflection.


Exp. Visible light has the lowest frequency among the following electromagnetic radiations.


Exp. The Theory of relativity is postulated by Albert Einstein.

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