Railway/SSC JE 2019 Biology quiz for Phase I and other railways exams 28/02/2019

Railway/SSC JE 2019 Biology quiz for Phase I

Railway/SSC JE Biology quiz for  (Phase I), RRB NTPC, SSC various exams and other competitive exams.

Q1. What is MRI?

(a) Magnetic Record of Intestines

(b) Magnetic Recording of investigations

(c) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

(d) Magnetic Resonance in Intestines

Q2. The temperature of the human body

(a) Decreases in winters

(b) Increases in summers

(c) Neither decrease in winters nor increases in summers.

(d) Increases in winters.

Q3. What function does blood perform in the body?

(a) Takes oxygen to all parts

(b) Maintains liquidity

(c) Helps in digestion

(d) Helps in erection

Q4. Japanese encephalitis is caused by:

(a) Bacteria

(b) Virus

(c) Parasitic protozoan

(d) Fungus

Q5. Pedology is the science related to the study of:

(a) Atmosphere

(b) Soil

(c) Pollutants

(d) Seeds

Q6. Lexicography is related to:

(a) Structure of human body

(b) Compilation of dictionary

(c) Secret of handwriting

(d) Teaching of pictures and models.

Q7. On which of the following plant did Gregor Mendal perform his classical experiment?

(a) Pea

(b) Gram

(c) Maize

(d) Wheat

Q8. Dinosaurs were in

(a) Paleozoic era

(b) Cenozoic era

(c) Mesozoic era

(d) Pleistocene era

Q9. No pain is felt while cutting the nails because-

(a) Nails are made of the material of dead cells in which there is no blood circulation

(b) Nails are a useless part of the body

(c) Nails are made of calcium phosphate

(d) None of these

Q10. When does heart rest?

(a) Never

(b) While sleeping

(c) Between two beats

(d) While doing yoga



Exp. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body.


Exp. The temperature of the human body neither decreases in winters nor increases in summers. The usual temperature of the human body is 98.4° F or 37°C and is controlled by the hypothalamus in the brain.


Exp. Blood perform many important functions within the body including supply of oxygen to tissues (bound to haemoglobin, which is carried in red cells), the supply of nutrients such as glucose, amino acids and fatty acids.


Exp. Encephalitis virus is the causing factor of Japanese encephalitis.


Exp.Pedology deals with the study of soil formation, soil morphology, and soil classification.


Exp. Lexicography is related to a glossary of language design, compilation, the evaluation of general dictionaries.

Ans.7. (a)

Exp. The genetic experiment Mendal did with pea plant and published his result in 1865.


Exp. Dinosaurs lived between 230 and 65 million year ago, in a time known as Mesozoic Era.


Exp. Nails are usually made up of thick and multiple layers of a type of protein known as ∝ – keratin and are composed of dead tissues. They are devoid of any nerves and blood vessels and therefore we do not feel any pain while the nails are being cut.


Exp.Each ‘heartbeat’ consists of a contraction and relaxing of the heart muscles. When the heart contracts, it pumps blood through the blood vessels. When it relaxes, it draws blood in. It takes rest between relaxation and contraction.

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