Railway/SSC JE 2019 Geography quiz for Phase I and other railways exams 16/02/2019

Railway/SSC JE 2019 Geography  quiz for Phase I

Railway/SSC JE Geography quiz for  (Phase I), RRB NTPC, SSC various exams and other competitive exams.

Q1.Earth revolves around Sun. Who was the 1st one to present this theory?

(a) Albert Einstein                           

(b) Galileo Galilei

(c) Copernicus                  

(d) Newton

Q2.The path of a projectile is called its ______.

(a) Altitude                                     

(b) Range

(c) Trajectory                    

(d) Flight

Q3.Which park also shares its boundaries with Bangladesh?

(a) Sundarbans National Park     

(b) Kaziranga National Park

(c) Kanchendzonga National Park

(d) Panna National Park

Q4. In terms of size, Neptune ranks no. ___ in our Solar System.

(a) 1                                      

(b) 2

(c) 3                                       

(d) 4

Q5.Abu Dhabi is the Capital City of _____.

(a) United Arab Emirates

(b) Netherlands

(c) South Korea

(d) Italy

Q6. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is in which state?

(a) Karnataka                    

(b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Chhattisgarh               

(d) West Benga

Q7.”Ganga Sagar Mela” fair is held in which state?

(a) Uttarakhand               

(b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) West Bengal                

(d) Maharashtra

Q8.Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?

(a) Coal                                

(b) Petroleum

(c) Wind energy                               

(d) Natural Gas

Q9.Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is in which state?

(a) Orissa                                            

(b) Maharashtra

(c) Gujarat                                          

(d) Karnataka

Q10.Sandstone is which type of rock?

(a) Calcareous Rock                                        

(b) Igneous Rock

(c) Metamorphic Rock                                   

(d) Sedimentary Rock



Exp. Nicolaus Copernicus was a Polish astronomer who put forth the theory that the Sun is at rest near the center of the Universe, and that the Earth, spinning on its axis once daily, revolves annually around the Sun. This is called the heliocentric, or Sun-centered, system. Copernican heliocentrism is the name given to the astronomical model developed by Nicolaus Copernicus and published in 1543.


Exp. Trajectory is the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces, a curve or surface cutting a family


Exp. The Sundarbans forest is about 10,000 sq km across India and Bangladesh, of which 40% lies in India, and is home to many rare and globally threatened wildlife species such as the estuarine crocodile, royal Bengal tiger, Water monitor lizard, Gangetic dolphin, and olive ridley turtle. The forest in India is divided into the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve and 24 Parganas (South) Forest Division, and together with the forest in Bangladesh is the only mangrove forest in the world where tigers are found.


Exp. Neptune is the fourth largest planet .Neptune is the last of the planets in our solar system. It’s more than 30 times as far from the sun as Earth is. Neptune is very similar to Uranus. Its atmosphere is made of hydrogen, helium, and methane. The methane gives Neptune the same blue color as Uranus.


Exp. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is the largest Emirate taking up 80% of the country’s landmass.


Exp. The Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is a protected area in Uttar Pradesh that stretches mainly across the Lakhimpur Kheri and Bahraich districts and comprises the Dudhwa National Park, Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. It covers an area of 1,284.3 km2.


Exp.Ganga Sagar Mela festival is celebrated at Sagar which is about 105 km south of Kolkata where the Ganga and the Bay of Bengal form a nexus. Hence the name Gangasagar Mela.The fair is a six-day fair held in the month of January and on the day of Makar Sankranti.


Exp. Wind provide renewable source of energy in form of wood.


Exp.Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.


Exp. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of sand-size grains of mineral, rock, or organic material.

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