Railway/SSC JE 2019 History quiz for Phase I and other railways exams 19/02/2019

Railway/SSC JE 2019 History quiz for Phase I

Railway/SSC JE History quiz for  (Phase I), RRB NTPC, SSC various exams and other competitive exams.

Q1.The earliest reference to sati custom is made in which of the following inscriptions?

(a) Allahabad Pillar inscription

(b) Eran inscription of Bhanugupta

(c) Aihole inscription of Pulkesin II

(d) Bhitan inscription of Skandgupta

Q2.The Bibi Ka Maqbara is a tomb located in __________. It was built by Azam Shah, son of Aurangzeb, in 1678.

(a) Hyderabad                   

(b) Aurangabad 

(c) Lucknow                       

(d) Allahabad

Q3.The Objective Resolution to guide the deliberations of the Assembly was moved by –

(a) Jawaharlal Nehru      

(b) Kiran Desai

(c) K Natwar Singh                          

(d) K.M. Munshi

Q4.Which organization had proposed first to constitute the Constitution Assembly to form the Indian Constitution?

(a) Swaraj Party in 1928

(b) Indian National Congress in 1935

(c) Muslim League in 1942

(d) By all parties convention in 1946

Q5. On which one of the following dates Jawahar Lal Nehru unfurl the tri-colour national flag on the banks of the Ravi as the clock struck the midnight?

(a) 31st December, 1929

(b) 26th January, 1930

(c) 31st December, 1931

(d) 26th January, 1933

Q6. The Puranas are …….. in number.

(a) 18

(b) 25

(c) 52

(d) 108

Q7.Codes of conduct of the Vedic Society are laid down in

(a) Puranas

(b) Vedas

(c) Brahmanas

(d) Smritis

Q8.In Rig Vedic period, the most important functionary after the king was

(a) Purohita

(b) Senani

(c) Law Officer

(d) Tax Collector

Q9.Under the Mughals, in urban area the judicial powers were exercised by

(a) Kazis

(b) Faujdar

(c) Kotwal

(d) Wazir

Q10.In the Mughal period the registers of the agricultural lands were maintained by

(a) Kotwal

(b) Qanungo

(c) Amin

(d) Krori



Exp.The earliest reference to sati custom is made in Eran inscription of Bhanugupta.


Exp.The Bibi Ka Maqbara is a tomb located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. It was commissioned by Aurangzeb’s Son Azam in the memory of his Mother Dilras Banu Begum.


Exp.Before the framing of the constitution started, an Objectives Resolution (the resolution that defined the aims of the Assembly) was moved by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1946. This resolution enshrined the aspirations and values behind the Constitution making.


Exp.An idea for a Constituent Assembly of India was proposed in 1934 by M. N. Roy, a pioneer of the Communist movement in India and an advocate of radical democracy. It became an official demand of the Indian National Congress in 1935, C. Rajagopalachari voiced the demand for a constituent Assembly on 15th November 1939 based on adult franchise, and was accepted by the British in August 1940.


Exp.On 31st December, 1929 Jawahar Lal Nehru unfurl the tri-colour national flag on the banks of the Ravi as the clock struck the midnight.


Exp.These are said to be eighteen in number, divided into three groups of six.


Exp.Vedic literature is primarily of two types, sruti and smriti. The Veda is called sruti and is the highest authority. Other texts are called smritis, and they derive authority from the sruti.


Exp.Purohita is official title in vedic times for priest. Priests of the Vedic religion are officiants for rituals  and sacrifices.


Exp.Kotwals was a title used in medieval India for the leader of the fort. Kotwals often controlled the fort of a major town or an area of smaller towns on behalf of another ruler. It was similar in function to a British India Zaildar.


Exp.Qanungo was an officer who maintain the registers of the agricultural lands.

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