RBI Assistant Mains 2022: English Language Quiz –1

RBI Assistant 2022 English Language Quiz

Almost all major competitive exams in the country have a section on English Language, and it is also one of the most scoring sections. Candidates can ace this section in exams if they practice regularly in a dedicated manner. So here we are providing you with the RBI Assistant 2022 English Language Quiz to help you prepare better. This RBI Assistant 2022 English Language Quiz includes all of the most recent pattern-based questions, as well as Previous Year’s Questions. This RBI Assistant 2022 English Language Quiz is totally FREE. Candidates will be provided with a detailed explanation of each question in this RBI Assistant 2022 English Language Quiz. Candidates must practice this RBI Assistant 2022 English Language Quiz to achieve a good score in the English Language Section.

Directions (1-5): In each question there are five sentences. Each sentence has a pair of words/phrases that are highlighted. From the highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate words(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then below the group of sentences 5 options are given , with each option having sequence of choices either (a) or (b) and so on. Choose the option which is giving the correct sequence of the choices.

1.A. The stage actor was instructed to alter(1) / altar(2) his hairstyle for the role.

B.The world needs to find more and more ingenuous (1)/ ingenious(2) ways of dealing with e-waste.

C.The commander of the unit was not satisfied with the allocation of budget with regard to ordnance(1) / ordinance(2).

D.The current policy of the central bank will perpetuate(1) / perpetrate(2) the economic crisis and affect the primary sector adversely.

E.On a tour of suburbs, he could find attractive perennial plants with pretty pendant(1) / pendent (2)flowers across the road.

(a) 12112

(b) 21121

(c) 12211

(d) 12221

(e) 22112

Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. Ordnance- large guns on wheels, Ordinance– an order and rule made by government.

Perpetuate– continue indefinitely, Perpetrate– to carry out.

Pendent– hanging, Pendant–  piece of jewellery

  1. A. The visiting team could win the first cricket match with panacea(1) / panache(2).

B.The peasant made sure his field remains imperious(1) / impervious(2) to any damage natural or unnatural.

C.Voters from the working class are expected to make up a significant bloc(1) / blob(2) for the national party.

D.The invading army was firing the cannon(1) / canon(2) at vital locations of the opponent.

E.The local economy is still dependant(1) / dependent(2) on primary sectors for its growth.

(a) 12121

(b) 22112

(c)  22212

(d) 21112

(e) 12211

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b

Exp. Panache is flamboyance or self assurance. Panacea– universal cure

Bloc is a group

Cannon is a piece of artillery while canon is law

Dependent means ‘conditional on’. Dependant one who relies on other family member.

  1. A. Nobody imagined that the serene(1) / serendipitous(2) looking river could cause such a havoc during last month.

B.The boys besieged(1) / beseeched(2) their aunt to extend her stay during winter vacation.

C.The chief guest at the annual function of the school, extorted(1) / exhorted(2) the students to inculcate moral values in their lives.

D.After a stint at a city hospital, the doctor is now gearing up for an arduous(1) / ardent(2) journey in a rural area.

E.The apprentice answered in the affirmative when asked whether the supervisor’s instructions were explicit(1) / implicit(2). This has been reflected in the satisfactory performance of the apprentice.

(a) 22211

(b) 22212

(c) 12211

(d) 11211

(e) 11212

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp.  Serene– calm . Serendipitous– unforeseen

Besieged– lay siege to . Beseeched– to implore

Arduous– difficult, Ardent– avid

  1. A. The festival will play host to the world premier(1) / premiere (2) of the much awaited movie.

B.The Chief Executive gave a brief run down(1) / rundown(2) of the performance during the board meeting.

C.The little boy gazed at his uncle in rapture(1)/ rupture(2).

D.The author of the book was summoned by the authorities for the sacrilegious(1) / sacrosanct(2) content.

E.The shopkeeper at the end of the street was so repulsive(1) / reclusive(2) that surely no one would be interested in visiting his shop.

(a) 12211

(b) 11211

(c)  22211

(d) 22111

(e)  22212

Answer & Explanation
Ans. d

Exp. Premiere – first performance. Premier– leading , prime or highest.

Rapture– Ecstasy. Rupture- breakage

Run down– falling to pieces. Rundown- analysis.

  1.  A. The rescission(1) / recession (2) of the contract between the telecom companies severely affected their profit margins.

B.The visiting delegation was treated with a regale(1)/ regal(2) feast by the governor.

C.The minister reiterated(1) /retracted (2)her statement after the strong protest from lawmakers in the parliament.

D.The selection committee member was relieved of his position, as the chairman found him to be impeccable(1) / implacable(2).

E.The new middle order batsman is much talked about for his improvised(1) / impoverished(2) batting style.

(a) 12121

(b) 22221

(c) 12212

(d) 22212

(e) 12221

Answer & Explanation
Ans. e

Exp. Rescission is to repeat. Recession – economic decline.

Regale– supply. Regal-majestic

Directions (6-10): Choose the most logical order of sentences among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

  1. A. He did not believe in theoretical ideology.

B.So we must keep them.

C.His principles mainly lay in action.

D.Gandhi Ji had a way of life.

E.He gave much that suits our tradition.






Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. D is the first sentence and A-C make a combination (theoretical-action).

  1. A. The idea that spinach promotes strength – one made popular by the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor is based on a mistake.

B.The misconception arose in 1870, when a misplaced decimal point in a set of published food table made spinach appear to contain ten times as much iron as other vegetables.

C.Furthermore the iron in any vegetable is less valuable than a similar quantity of iron in meat because the body is less efficient at absorbing iron from vegetables.

D.Only between 2 and 10 per cent of the iron in vegetables is absorbed compared with 10 to 20 percent of the iron in meat.

E.In fact it has much the same effect.






Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. A-B makes combination. ‘it’ in E refers to ‘percentage’ in D.

  1. A. For instance, fuller utilization of the idle manpower in the country must necessarily be the major objective of policy but this has to be done without creating serious inflationary pressures.

B.Within a limited period, there is a measure of conflict between one objective and another and it is necessary to proceed in terms of carefully defined properties.

C.It would be unrealistic to imagine that rapid and spectacular progress in all these directions could have been made in the initial period of planning.

D.Maximum production, full employment, the attainment of economic equality and social justice which constitute the accepted objectives of planning under present-day conditions are not really so except that there are many different ideas and series of related aims.

(a) BADC

(b) ABCD

(c) DCBA

(d) CADB

(e) ADBC

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. Only D can be the first sentence. B presents another aspect of the ‘objectives’.

  1. A. major drawback in our administrative system and procedures pertains to reward and punishment.

B.To reward the honest and the competent is extremely difficult under service rules based on seniority and hierarchy, especially because of the absence of a worthwhile mechanism for automatic recognition of merit and consequent career promotion.

C.On the other hand, dishonest but clever government servants manage to shield themselves behind dilatory procedures.

D.Procedure and not objectives are treated as sacred.

(a) ABCD

(b) DCBA

(c) ACDB

(d) BADC

(e) DBCA

Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

  1. A. How much more depends on the current uses to which the rupee can be put.

B.Conversely, at a 5% interest rate, rupee received a year from now is worth only Rs. 1.05, or 95.2 paise today; at a rate of 10%, 90.9 paise.

C.The theory of discounting the future is simple; a rupee received today is worth more than a rupee received tomorrow.

D.If it can earn 5% interest, a rupee today will be worth Rs. 1.05 after a year; if 10%, Rs. 1.10.

E.The determination of a future rupee’s present value is, according to accepted theory, the appropriate way to compare future benefits with present costs.






Answer & Explanation
Ans. d)

Exp. D-B makes combination.

Spelling Errors (PART-2)

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