RBI Assistant PRE-2023 English Language Quiz – 15

RBI Assistant PRE 2023 English Language Quiz

English Language is a part of almost all major competitive exams in the country and is perhaps the most scoring section also. Aspirants who regularly practice questions have a good chance of scoring well in the English Language Section. So here we are providing you with the RBI Assistant PRE 2023 English Language Quiz to help you prepare better. This RBI Assistant PRE 2023 English Language Quiz includes all of the most recent pattern-based questions, as well as Previous Year Questions. This RBI Assistant PRE 2023 English Language Quiz is available to you at no cost. Candidates will be provided with a detailed explanation of each question in this RBI Assistant PRE 2023 English Language Quiz. Candidates must practice this RBI Assistant PRE 2023 English Language Quiz to achieve a good score in the English Language Section.


Directions (1- 5): In each of the following questions a sentence is given with two blanks in it followed by five pairs of words numbered as (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). You have to find which of the five pairs of words can be used in the same sequence to fill up the two blanks to complete the sentence meaningfully. The number of that pair of words is the answer.


  1. In our country, the ……………. use of radio as an instrument of man’s

education has not yet been …………….


(a) fullest, exploited

(b) ultimate, used

(c) meaningful, explored

(d) resultant, tried

(e) present, demonstrated

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp.  ‘Meaningful, explored’ is the correct set of words making the sentence meaningful.


  1. The modern world is fast ……………. itself into rival camps, armed to the

teeth with the sophisticated and deadly ……………. of destruction.


(a) making, sources

(b) changing, factors

(c) developing, procedures

(d) parting, way

(e) resolving, weapons

Answer & Explanation
Ans. e

Exp.  ‘Resolving, weapons’ is the correct set of words making the sentence meaningful.


  1. The great writer ……………. art out of facts of life, the significant

……………. with which the pattern of life has been woven.


(a) decides, factor

(b) selects, element

(c) practices, boundary

(d) creating, disposition

(e) chooses, part

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b

Exp.  ‘Selects, element’ is the correct choice among others.

Disposition means a person’s inherent qualities of mind and character.


  1. We mean by civilization a way of life in which the wilder ……………. Of

humanity is restrained, the nobler instructs and inclinations are

……………. and allowed to prevail.


(a) dimensions, created

(b) qualities. discouraged

(c) passions, developed

(d) desires. inhibited

(e) aspects, encouraged

Answer & Explanation
Ans. e

Exp.  ‘Aspects, encouraged’ is the correct choice.
Aspects means a particular part or feature of something.

Inhibited means unable to act in a relaxed and natural way because of self-consciousness or mental restraint.


  1. We are said to be superstitious when we ……………. ourselves to fanciful

causes for happenings that seem to be …………….


(a) bind, unwarranted

(b) project, heavenly

(c) torture, harmful

(d) subject, inexplicable

(e) treat, harrowing

Answer & Explanation
Ans. d

Exp.  ‘Subject, inexplicable’ is the correct choice among others.

Inexplicable means unable to be explained or accounted for.


Direction (6-10): Given below is a paragraph consisting of pairs of words given in bold.

Identify the correct option among the five alternative pairs that perfectly fits the given blank against the respective number to make the paragraph contextually meaningful and grammatically correct.


Retired people suddenly have so much time during the day that they may stop bothering about their routine. Their time of waking up, shower, breakfast and overall schedule become ___(6)___. They may feel time is moving at a slower pace and they do not know what to look forward to. This may ___(7)__ to a hitherto-unseen focus on their interpersonal relationships, ____(8)___ about what their children or relatives are up to, etc, which may lead to interference in their near and dear ones’ lives. This can turn into a troublesome ___(9)____ for those around them. Shortcomings in their families appear magnified and become the most important thing that they believe have to be ____(10)___ as top priority.


  1. (a) rational/ logical

(b) random/ astute
(c) erratic/ bizarre
(d) fanciful/ mutilate
(e) botch/ failure

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. ‘erratic/ bizarre’ is the correct set of words making the sentence meaningful.

The sentence is indicating some negative effect on retired people’s schedule due to plenty of time during the day.

Hence a negative word must fill the blank.

Erratic means not even or regular in pattern or movement, which is similar in meaning with irregular can be used with it interchangeably.

Botch means carry out (a task) badly or carelessly.

Mutilate means inflict serious damage on.

Astute means having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage.


  1. (a) cast/ mold
    (b) accelerate/ hasten
    (c) lead/ result
    (d) step/ stride
    (e) conduct/ bear
Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. ‘lead/ result’ is the correct set of words making the sentence correct and meaningful.

The sentence points to the outcome of being retired and feeling like time is moving at slower pace.

Hence option (c) is correct.

Hasten means move or travel hurriedly.

Stride means a long, decisive step.


  1. (a) uncertain/ shocked
    (b) weird/ unusual
    (c) deviation/ aberrant
    (d) strange/ awkward
    (e) curiosity / interest
Answer & Explanation
Ans. e

Exp. ‘curiosity / interest’ is the right choice.

Noun or pronoun should come before the new clause.

Curiosity is a noun having similar meaning as ‘interest’ that can be used interchangeably.

Aberrant means departing from an accepted standard.

Awkward means causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with.


  1. (a) ravel/ untangle
    (b) tackle/ handle
    (c) experience/ happening
    (d) valiant/ audacious
    (e) resolute/ intent
Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. ‘experience/ happening’ is the correct set of words.

‘troublesome’ is an adjective which must be followed by a noun.

All the other words are adjective and adjective is not followed by adjective.

Ravel means to untangle something

Valiant means possessing or showing courage or determination.

Audacious means showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.

Resolute means admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

Intent means intention or purpose.


  1. (a) resolved/ settled
    (b) dissolved/ waned
    (c) examined/ appraised
    (d) proposed/ undaunted
    (e) confirmed/ convinced
Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. ‘resolved/ settled’ is the correct set of words making the sentence meaningful and correct. Resolved which means settle or find a solution to, can also be used as ‘settled’ interchangeably.

Waned means have a progressively smaller part of its visible surface illuminated, so that it appears to decrease in size.

Appraised means assess the value or quality of.

Undaunted means not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment.




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