Reasoning Quiz | 10th December 2018

Reasoning Questions and Reasoning Quiz for For upcoming exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, UPSC, UPSSSC, CDS, UPTET, KVS, DSSSB and other Government exams.

Directions (Q1-Q5): Read the following information carefully and answers the questions that follow:

Nilesh, Nikita, Shrey, Shiwali, PM, Ankita, and Akansha are seven teachers working in four institutes namely Ansal class, Akash, FITJEE and Allen. These institutes are operated by the group of seven teachers mentioned above. The institutes are open only on Sunday. At least one teacher visits the coaching institute on each Sunday but no institute is visited by more than two teachers. Each teacher teaches different subjects. Subjects are: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Maths, Physic,Modern Physics, Biology and Physical Chemistry. The names of the subjects are not necessarily in the same order as the names of the teachers. Now study some additional clues.

  • Ankita, who teaches Physical Chemistry, visits alone to Akash institute.
  • The one who teaches Maths does not visit the institute Ansal class. Also, he never visits with PM or Akansha.
  • Nikita visit the institute FITJEE,she does not teach Maths.
  • Shrey visit the institute FITJEE. Akansha does not teaches Physics.
  • The one who teaches Maths visits the institute with the person who teaches Inorganic Chemistry.
  • The one who teaches Modern Physics visits the institute Allen.
  • Nilesh teaches neither Organic Chemistry nor Physics. All the persons follow the same routine on every Sunday.
  • Shiwali visits the institute Allen with the person who teaches Physics.

Q1. Which of the following statement is/are true?

(a) Shiwali teaches Physics in the institute Ansal class.

(b) Shrey teaches Maths in the institute Akash.

(c) The one who teaches Biology is in the institute Ansal class

(d) PM teaches in the institute FITJEE

(e) None is true

Q2. Ankita visits which of the following institutes and is handling which subject?

(a) FITJEE, Organic Chemistry

(b) Akash, Inorganic Chemistry

(c) Allen, Physical Chemistry

(d) Akash, Physical Chemistry

(e) FITJEE, Inorganic Chemistry

Q3. Who among the following teaches Inorganic Chemistry in which institute?

(a) Akansha, Ansal class

(b) Nikita, Allen

(c) Akansha, FITJEE

(d) PM, Allen

(e) Nikita, FITJEE

Q4. In which of the following institute the teacher visiting is only one?

(a) Ansal class

(b) Akash


(d) Both (a) and (b)

(e) None

Q5. Which of the following statement is incorrect?

(a) Shrey teaches Maths

(b) Nikita teaches in Inorganic Chemistry

(c) PM teaches Physics

(d) Akansha teaches Organic Chemistry

(e) All are correct

Q6. Puja started walking from her home to office. She started in east direction. After walking for 4 m, she turned to her left and walked 8 m, now she turned left and walked 2 m. After this she turned to right walked 4 m. Now after turning to her right she walked 13 m and reached office. Find the shortest distance between her office and home.

(a) 82 m

(b) 26 m

(c) 3√41 m

(d) 9√41 m

(e) None of these

Q7. In a row of students facing north A is fifteenth from the left end and B is seventh from the right end. If they interchange their positions, B would be 17th from the right end. Find the number of students in the row.

(a) 30

(b) 31

(c) 32

(d) 33

(e) None of these

Q8. Aman is 10 ranks above Nikhil who ranks 26th in the class of 45. What is Aman rank in the class from the beginning?

(a) 14

(b) 15

(c) 16

(d) 17

(e) None of these

Directions (9-10): Read the following information carefully to answer the following questions-

A * B means A is the sister of B

A ÷ B means A is the brother of B

A + B means A is the father of B

A – B means A is the mother of B

Q9. What is the relation between P and S in ‘P + Q ÷ R – S’

(a) P is the aunt of S

(b) P is the brother of S

(c) P is the mother of S

(d) P is the father of S

(e) None of these

Q10. In P – Q + R ÷ S, how is P related to R?

(a) Grandfather

(b) mother

(c) grandmother

(d) father

(e) None of these


Directions (1-5)

Ansal Class Akash FITJEE Allen
Akansha(Organic chemistry) Ankita(Physical chemistry) Nikita(Inorganic chemistry) Shiwali(Modern Physics)
Nilesh(biology) Shrey(Math) PM(Physics)

1.Ans. (c)

2.Ans. (d)

3.Ans. (e)

4.Ans. (b)

5.Ans. (e)

6.Ans. (c)


7.Ans. (b)

Initially there are 14 students to the left of A and after changing the position, there are 16 students to the right of B so total students = 14 +16 +1 = 31

8.Ans. (c)

9.Ans. (e)


10.Ans. (c)


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