Reasoning (New Coding decoding, Puzzle) Quiz for IBPS CLERK Mains 12th January 2019

Directions (Q1 – Q5):  Study the given information carefully to answer the given question.

In a certain code language,

‘efforts required in teaching’ is written as ‘ T3.5H  S4W   Y1M  S4T’

‘work hards win mostly’ is written as ‘W2P  V2.5H  X1.5M  U3B ’

‘important thing usually’ is written as ‘R4.5G  V2.5T  T3.5B’

‘task caries success create’ is written as ‘W2P  U3H T3.5H U3V  ’

(All codes are two letter codes only.)

Q1.  In the given code language, what does the code ‘W2V’ stand for?
(a) in

(b) either ‘required’ or ‘efforts’

(c) either ‘huge’ or ‘kids’

(d) task

(e) huge

Q2.  What is the code for ‘teaching’ in the given code language?
(a) T3T

(b) S3.5T

(c) T3.5T

(d) other than those given as options

(e) S3T

Q3.  What is the code for ‘Perceptions’ in the given code language?

(a) M5H

(b) K5.5H

(c) L5.5K

(d) other than those given as options

(e) K5.5H

Q4.  What will be the code for ‘Q5I’ in the given code language?

(a) Highjacked

(b) Jackknifes

(c) Jackhammer

(d) Pozzolanas

(e) other than those given as options

Q5.  What may be the possible code for ‘quite tough heart’ in the given code language?
(a) W2.5V  W2.5S  W2.5G

(b) W2V  W2S  W2G

(c) J2.5V  G2.5S  S2.5T

(d) Can’t be determined

(e) None of these.

Directions (Q6 – Q10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

Seven candidates which are participating in an interview of a company are – M, N, O, P, Q, R and S. They belong to different countries namely America, Korea, India, China, Japan, Africa and Austria, but not necessarily in the same order. They are going to an interview on different days of the week, starting from Monday and they are going in different month of the same year. M belongs to Korea, but attends the interview neither on Friday nor on Monday. P attends the interview on Thursday but not on July and he is from China. R attends interview on Wednesday but neither in the month of May nor on January and he is from Japan. S attends interview on the last day of the week in the month of June. N belongs to Austria and attends the seminar in the month of which has 30 days or less. The person who attends interview on Monday does not belong to America. The person who is from Africa attends interview on the last day of the week. The person who is from India attends interview on Tuesday in April. The person who is from Austria does not attend the interview on Tuesday or Friday. M attends the interview in the month of March on Saturday. Q attends his interview on Tuesday in the month of April. S attends his interview on Sunday. O was the first person to attend the interview.

Q6. In which of the following month does P attend the seminar?

(a) May

(b) June

(c) July

(d) February

(e) January

Q7. N attends interview on which day of the week?

(a) Friday

(b) Tuesday

(c) Saturday

(d) Wednesday

(e) Monday

Q8. Who among the following attends the interview on Friday?

(a) S

(b) O

(c) P

(d) Q

(e) M

Q9. Which of the following combinations is true?

(a) P – Thursday – China

(b) Q – Wednesday – America

(c) S – Saturday – Africa

(d) O – Monday – Korea

(e) N – Friday – India

Q10. If the countries of P and N are interchanged, who among the following belongs to India?

(a) N

(b) P

(c) Q

(d) R

(e) S


Q (1 – 5):

Logic:- First letter of the code is obtained from reversing(A-Z, B-Y…) the alphabet having the same rank as the total number of alphabets in the word. Next number is obtain from total number of letters in the word is multiplied by .5 and last letter of the code is obtain from reversing (A-Z, B-Y…)  of last letter of the word.






Q (6 – 10):

Monday N Austria February
Tuesday Q India April
Wednesday R Japan July
Thursday P China May
Friday O America January
Saturday M Korea March
Sunday S Africa June






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