Reasoning Quiz for IBPS PO PRE, RRB PO PRE & RRB CLERK PRE 2020|29 August 2020


Reasoning Quiz to improve your  Reasoning  for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam Reasoning, IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO , LIC Assistant,  and other competitive exams.
Direction (1 – 3): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Hemant starts walking in the north direction from his house which is at point O. After walking 15m he turns towards his left and walks another 15m. He then turns towards his right and walks 20m to reach his office at point K. Heena starts walking from point O in the south direction. After walking 20m she turns towards her left and walks 15m. After that she turns towards her left and walks another 15m to reach her office at point J.
Q1. What is the shortest distance between point K and point J?
1. 50m
2. 60m
3. 53m
4. 55m
5. 65m
Q2. In which direction is point J with respect to point O?
1. South-west
2. North-east
3. South
4. South-east
5. North-west
Q3. If point M is towards east of point K and towards north of point J, then what is the shortest distance between M and J?
1. 40m
2. 45m
3. 35m
4. Cannot be determined
5. 50m
Direction (4 – 6): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Six friends E, H, G, C, Z and K have different height. G is taller than C and shorter than E. E is not the tallest. The person who is second tallest is 149cm.Height of C is 130cm.H is shorter than Z but taller than G.H is not the second tallest person. K is shorter than C.
Q4. Who among the following person is the tallest?
1. C
2. H
3. G
4. Z
5. None of these
Q5. What could be the possible height of G?
1. 121cm
2. 150cm
3. 140cm
4. 129cm
5. None of these
Q6. Which of the following statement is true?
1. C is the second shortest person
2. Height of K is more than149cm
3. More than two person are taller than E
4. H is the tallest person
5. None of these
Q7. Which of the following will come in place of ? to complete the series?

1. ORW
2. PSW
3. OQW
4. PTW
5. OSW
Direction (8 – 10): Study the given information and answer the following questions.
There are eight members in a family of three generation having two married couples. G and H are siblings. E is brother-in-law of F. E is the only son of A. F has only two children. B is married to A. A has no siblings. D is aunt of E. F has no siblings and married to C. G is the only son of C.
Q8. If B is a female member then how A is related to F?
1. Father-in-law
2. Brother
3. Father
4. None of these
5. Brother-in-law
Q9. How many female members are there in a family?
1. Three
2. Four
3. None of these
4. Five
5. Can’t be determined
Q10. How E is related to G?
1. Father-in-law
2. Paternal uncle
3. Maternal uncle
4. None of these
5. Brother-in-law


Q1. Ans(1)
Q2. Ans(4)
Q3. Ans(1)
Q4. Ans(4)
Q5. Ans(3)
Q6. Ans(1)
Q7. Ans(5) The followed pattern is given below:
Sol. (8 – 10):
Q8. Ans(1)
Q9. Ans(2)
Q10. Ans(3)\

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