“Remote Proctored Examinations” exam schedule out by IIBF (June/July 2020)

“Remote Proctored Examinations” exam schedule out by IIBF (June/July 2020)

Dear Bankers,

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) has released the notification regarding the Remote Proctored Examinations which was scheduled on June 2020 but due to covid-19 it was postponed now they are releasing an notice about the Remote Proctored Examinations conducting online.

Presently institute is conducting all its examinations in online mode at various centres across India with physical proctoring. Considering disruption created by pandemic outbreak and changes in environment, Institute will be conducting some of its certificate examination in remote proctoring mode from June/July 2020. For schedule of remote proctored examination from the mentioned below link.Remote Proctored Examination: Remote proctoring allows candidates to take an examination at a location of his/her choice while ensuring the integrity of the examination. These systems require students to confirm their identity, and, during the examination, the system monitors students through video, mic, etc. looking for behaviour that could indicate unfair practices (cheating). Examinations are conducted over internet using a Desktop/Laptop. Taking examination using any other device is not permitted e.g. mobile, tabs, etc.
To start with, Institute would start with the following certificate examinations



3) Prevention of Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management. These examinations will not be conducted in a physical examination room environment from June 2020 i.e. those will be discontinued.

Exam Schedule jaiib

Examination will be conducted in 4 sessions in a day. The session timings are 8 to 10 am,
10.45 to 12.45 pm, 1.30 to 3.30 pm and 4.15 to 6.15 pm. Candidates can select the
examination date and time of his/her choice.

Certification exam Notice by IIBF Click to Download PDF

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