SBI Trainee Officers Exam 2019: Memory Based Questions

Recollected Questions 2019:  SBI Trainee Officers Examination (SBI Clerk to Officer Promotion exam)

All the Public Sector Banks conduct a different exam for the promotion of Clerk to Officer, and every bank has different eligibility criteria, syllabus and exam pattern for the promotion of clerk to Officer. SBI conducts internal promotional exam for the promotion of SBI clerk to SBI TO (Trainee officers) in the month of December. In this post we are giving you all Recollected Questions from SBI Trainee Officers Examination – 2019. If you are going to appear for this exam on coming years then you must not miss SBI Trainee Officers Examination Recollected Questions .


Questions (20) Marks (10) Answer
  1. 1st mobile ATM is started by which bank-ICICI
  2. Under which section GOI gives direction to RBI- Sec.7(1)
  3. SDR is available in which currency- INR
  4. Account becomes inoperative after how many years- 2 years
  5. What is the name of SBI voice assistant- SIVA
  6. Inoperative account payment is entered in which register– Cheque referred/returned register
  7. Risk category of inoperative account –Medium
  8. What is the name of AI of PNB met life– Khushi
  9. Global competitiveness index –58
  10. Mudra is a subsidiary of –SIDBI
  11. What is paripassu charge –proportional
  12. Yuva is AI of which SBI Subsidiary –SBI Mutual fund
  13. Ease of doing business India ranks 2019-77
  14. Super Sr.Citizen age Above –80 years
  15. Islamic Bank Head quarter –Doha
  16. Attachment order issued by-Income Tax authorities
  17. In which type of mortgage action can be taken without intervention of court


Questions (20) Marks (20) Answer
  1. Asha Home Loan is of which bank- AXIS BANK
  2. Minimum balance requirement for current account in rural areas -Rs.10,000/-
  3. Minimum amount of loan in PAL home loan- Rs.10 Lakhs
  4. In which type of mortgage action can be taken without intervention of court- English Mortgage
  5. Minimum gms of gold deposit- 50gms
  6. Is payment allowed at non home branch in capgain account– No
  7. Max deposit allowed at non home branch in p segment account- No such limit
  8. Minimum balance requirement in MACT Saving account- No min.balance
  9. What is document AB-4 Revival letter from borrower
  10. Which taxn right is issued in capgain account- View only
  11. Fleet finance collateral- 20%
  12. SME smart score –Personal, business, collateral
  13. Open term loan validity– 12 months
  14. Expected rentals not added in which HL –Realty
  15. Provision in HL above 75 lakhs- 75%
  16. Fasal Bhima Yojana –No such restrictions
  17. KCC tie up collateral free- 3 lakhs
  18. Stand up India Max. Loan- 1 crore
  19. Agri Abl-LTV 65%, –5 times
  20. Green field projects for which type of loans

SBI Trainee Officer (TO) Online Test Series 2020-21


Questions(20) Marks(15) Answer
  1. 2 technology partners for ATM switch center –Base24 & Electra
  2. Name of app which gives facility to fill voucher on smart phone –DIGI VOUCHER
  3. Name captured in cheque leaves thru which screen –Personalization
  4. Full form of MOPS- Multi option payment system
  5. Standard number of cheque leaves issued in saving account –10
  6. Machine installed at branch for passbook printing –SWAYAM
  7. Name captured in cheque book requisition slip through which screen- Personalisation
  8. Sbi mingle is available on social media platforms– Face book and Twitter
  9. Teller gets inactive in cbs in how many days– 7
  10. ASBA link to which type of account –S.B. & C.A.
  11. Technology used in SBI fastag– RFID
  12. Buying and selling online– E-commerce
  13. POS acquirer charges
  14. Which product is available for toll plazas- Fastag
  15. App for downloading of home loan education loan interest certificate- Sbi quick
  16. User name and password to be issued to customer through which mode -By courier/post


Questions (20) Marks (10) Answer
  1. Card name in collaboration with Indian army- Imprest Card
  2. Minimum and maximum amount to be reloaded eZ-pay card –Rs.100/ and 1 lakh
  3. Maximum amount of DD to be issued through INB in a day- Rs.5lakhs
  4. How many beneficiary can be added in RINB through OTP in day- 3
  5. Validity period of eZ-pay card –10 years
  6. How many classification of vehicle by NHAI- 7
  7. Max.limit of GRC in a month –Rs.1lakh
  8. Txn limit of Sbi Bhim pay in a day –40K
  9. Amount of AAI available in CSP platinum account
  10. Total number of digits on PPK
  11. Vistaar txn amount
  12. What is purpose of m-cash
  13. Vistar authorizer
  14. Amount of PAI available in CSP platinum account
  15. ATM to minor of age
  16. Small company
  17. Tenure of stdr/tdr issued through INB
  18. Sign on back side of cheque is which type of endorsement
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SBI Trainee officers (TO): Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Recollected Questions 2020: SBI Trainee Officers Examination



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