Static Awareness Quiz 13th September 2018

1.Who is the Social Justice and Empowerment minister of India?

(a) Thawar Chand Gehlot

(b) Manmohan Singh

(c) Sushma Swaraj

(d) D V Sadananda Gowda

(e) Ramvilas Paswan

2.The Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS) is situated in which state?

(a) Kerala

(b) Karnataka

(c) Odisha

(d) Gujarat

(e) Andhra Pradesh

3.The Athirappilly Falls is located in which state?

(a) Kerala

(b) Gujarat

(c) Tamil Nadu

(d) Andhra Pradesh

(e) Sikkim

4.The Farakka Barrage is built across which river?

(a) Godavari

(b) Brahmaputra

(c) Ganga

(d) Kaveri

(e) Sharda

5.The World Malaria Day is observed every year on which of the following dates?

(a) 20 Mar

(b) 31 Mar

(c) 05 Apr

(d) 15 Apr

(e) 25 Apr.

6.The “Kadaknath” chicken of which of the following state received Geographical Indication tag recently?  

(a) Rajasthan

(b) Maharashtra

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) West Bengal

(e) Bihar

7.Biplab Kumar Deb has been elected as the new Chief Minister of which of the following states?

(a) Nagaland

(b) Tripura

(c) Mizoram

(d) Manipur

(e) Meghalaya

8.Which of the following is the least populated Union Territory according to the 2011 Census ?

(a) Daman and Diu

(b) Lakshadweep

(c) Dadar and Nagar Haveli

(d) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

(e) Puducherry

9.The Tanami Desert is situated in which of the following countries?

(a) Canada

(b) Australia

(c) France

(d) South Africa

(e) US

10.Ashwani Ponappa is related to which sports?

(a) Tennis

(b) Cricket

(c) Badminton

(d) Squash

(e) Table Tennis



exp. Dr. Thawar Chand Gehlot is an Indian politician who currently serves as the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment in the Modi ministry


exp. The Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS) is one of the rarest eco-regions of the world because it harbors vast tracts of pristine mangrove forests. The sanctuary is a part of the mangrove wetland in Andhra Pradesh


exp. The Athirappilly Falls is located across Chalakudy River in Thrissur district of Kerala. It is the largest waterfall in Kerala, which stands tall at 80 feet.


exp. The Farakka Barrage is built across Ganga River and located in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. The barrage is about 2,240 metres long and serves water to the Farakka Super Thermal Power Station.


exp. The World Malaria Day (WMD) is being observed every year on 25 April across the world to recognise the global efforts to control preventable vector borne disease malaria. It also seeks to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for elimination and control of Malaria.The theme of 2018 WMD is “Ready to beat malaria“


exp. The Kadaknath or Kali Masi is an Indian breed of chicken local to Jhabua and Dhar districts of eastern Madhya Pradesh, where it is known as “Kali masi”. Due to its high protein and very low fat and cholesterol levels, it is in high demand


exp. Biplab Kumar Deb is an Indian politician from Tripura and the current Chief Minister of Tripura. He has been the state president of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Tripura since 7 January 2016.


exp. The population of India, which at turn of the 20th century was around 238.4 million, increased to reach at 1210 million by 2011. Lakshadweep is the least populates union territory in India. It has population of just 64,473 which accounts the 0.01% of the total Indian population. The population density of India became 382 persons per sq km.


exp. The Tanami Desert is a desert in northern Australia situated in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. It has a rocky terrain with small hills.


exp. Ashwani Ponappa is related to Badminton.

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