Static Awareness Quiz 2nd October 2018

Q1.Where is the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Located? 

(a) New Delhi

(b) Hyderabad  

(c) Mumbai

(d) Ahmedabad

(e) None of these

Q2. Idamalayar (Edamalayar) Hydroelectric Power Project is of TYPE Hydro Power Plant with a design capacity of 75 MW located at?

(a) Kerala

(b) Himachal Pradesh

(c) Uttarakhand

(d) Bihar

(e) None of these

(e) None of these           

Q3. What is the full form of NATO? 

(a) North African Treaty Organization

(b) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

(c) North Asian Treaty Organization 

(e) None of these

(d) North American Treaty Organization

Q4. What is the Capital of Cuba?

(a) Suva

(b) Luanda         

(c) Buenos Aires

(d) Havana

(e) None of these

Q5. Nallamala hills is located in the state of-

(a) Orissa

(b) Meghalaya

(c) Andhra Pradesh

(d) Gujarat

(e) None of these

Q6. Father of Green Revolution in India is?

(a) Lal Bahadur Shastri

(b) APJ Abdul Kalam

(c) Verghese Kurien       

(d) MS Swaminathan

(e) None of these

Q7. Anjali Bhagwat is a professional Indian?

(a) Cricketer

(b) Footballer   

(c) Shooter

(d) Wrestler

(e) None of these           

Q8. The headquarters of UNESCO is in  

(a) New York

(b) The Hague  

(c) Paris

(d) Moscow

(e) None of these           

Q9. In which among the following year Asia’s first Export Processing Zone (EPZ) was set up?

(a) 1959

(b) 1971               

(c) 1965

(d) 1956

(e) None of these                           

Q10. Who is the current and ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations?

(a) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

(b) Irina Bokova               

(c) Ban Ki-Moon

(d) Antonio Guterres

(e) None of these



Exp.The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) is an autonomous public business school established in 1963 by the Government of India to help professionalize the country’s foreign trade management and increase exports by developing human resources; generating, analysing and disseminating data; and conducting research. IIFT Delhi Centre is located in the Qutab Institutional Area in close vicinity of Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India and is spread over 6 acres of land


Exp.Idamalayar Dam is a multipurpose concrete gravity dam located at Ennakal, near Bhoothathankettu, on the Idamalayar River, a tributary of the Periyar River in Kerala, South India. Completed in 1985, with a length of 373 metres, the dam created a multipurpose reservoir covering 28.3 km2 in the scenic hills of the Western Ghats.

Ans3. (b)

Exp.The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty which was signed on 4 April 1949.

Ans4. (d)

Exp.Cuba Capital- Havana, Currency- Cuban peso.

Ans5. (c)

Exp.Nallamala Hills are a section of the Eastern Ghats which stretch primarily over Kurnool, Nellore, Guntur, Prakasam, Kadapa and Chittoor districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh and Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda districts of the state of Telangana, in India.

Ans6. (d)

Exp.Mankombu Sambasivan Swaminathan is an Indian geneticist and international administrator, renowned for his leading role in India’s Green Revolution a program under which high-yield varieties of wheat and rice seedlings were planted in the fields of poor farmers. Swaminathan is known as “Indian Father of Green Revolution” for his leadership and success in introducing and further developing high-yielding varieties of wheat in India

Ans7. (c)

Exp.Anjali Bhagwat, in full Anjali Vedpathak Bhagwat, Indian rifle shooter who won the 2002 International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Champion of Champions combined-air-rifle event to become the first Indian to win that competition.

Ans8. (c)

Exp.Located on the Place de Fontenoy, in Paris, the main building which houses the Headquarters of UNESCO was inaugurated on 3 November 1958. The Y-shaped design was invented by three architects of different nationalities under the direction of an international committee.

Ans9. (c)

Exp.India was one of the first in Asia to recognize the effectiveness of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) model in promoting exports, with Asia’s first EPZ set up in Kandla, Gujarat in 1965. With a view to overcome the shortcomings experienced on account of the multiplicity of controls and clearances; absence of world-class infrastructure, and an unstable fiscal regime and with a view to attract larger foreign investments in India, the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Policy was announced in April 2000

Ans10. (d)

Exp.The current Secretary-General of the United Nations and the ninth occupant of the post is Mr Antonio Guterres of Portugal, who took office on 01st January 2017.

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