The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  10th February 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  10th February 2022

Vocabulary is a must for candidates appearing in any competitive examination. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to increase vocab power and help you in your preparation for many exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Abode (noun)

Meaning: a place of residence; a house or home. (निवास)

Synonyms: home, house, residence

Sentence: They established their permanent abode here.

  1. Dissimilitude (noun)

Meaning: dissimilarity or diversity. (विभिन्नता)

Synonyms: dissimilarity, difference, variance

Antonyms: alikeness, similarity, likeness

Sentence: There’s a real dissimilitude between literature and film, and a critic shouldn’t evaluate one in terms of the other.

  1. Coffer (noun)

Meaning: a strongbox or small chest for holding valuables. (संदूक)

Synonyms: strongbox, money box, cash box

Sentence: Let me see what’s in the household coffers and I’ll get back to you about making a donation.

  1. Commensurate (adj.)

Meaning: corresponding in size or degree; in proportion. (अनुरूप)

Synonyms: equivalent, equal, corresponding

Antonyms: disproportionate

Sentence: Six yards is commensurate with eighteen feet.

  1. Interminable (adj.)

Meaning: endless (often used hyperbolically). (अनंत)

Synonyms: endless, never-ending, unending

Antonyms: intermittent, periodic, periodical

Sentence: We got bogged down in interminable discussions.

  1. Nefarious (adj.)

Meaning: (typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal. (कुटिल)

Synonyms: wicked, evil, sinful

Antonyms: decent, ethical, good

Sentence: The other person does a nefarious act and denies it.

  1. Morsel (noun)

Meaning: a small piece or amount of food; a mouthful. (निवाला)

Synonyms: mouthful, bite, nibble

Antonyms: chunk, gob, hunk

Sentence: The prisoners ate every last morsel.

  1. Modicum (noun)

Meaning: a small quantity of a particular thing, especially something considered desirable or valuable. (अल्पांश)

Synonyms: little bit, a small amount, particle

Antonyms: abundance, bucket, bunch

Sentence: There’s not even a modicum of truth in her statement.

  1. Magnanimity (noun)

Meaning: the fact or condition of being magnanimous; generosity. (उदारता)

Synonyms: generosity, charitableness, benevolence

Antonyms: virulence, cattiness, malevolence

Sentence: I can’t believe she had the magnanimity to forgive that drunk driver who wrecked her car.

  1. Blather (verb)

Meaning: talk long-windedly without making very much sense. (बकवास करना)

Synonyms: prattle, babble, chatter

Antonyms: calm, peace, quiet

Sentence: He’ll just blather about the subject for hours once he gets started.

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