The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  10th July 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  10th July 2021

In this competitive world, a strong Vocabulary will help a candidate ace learning English for competitive exams. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocabulary power and help you in your preparation for the exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Mull (verb)

Meaning: think about (a fact, proposal, or request) deeply and at length. (विचार करना)

Synonyms: ponder, consider, think over

Antonyms: disregard, ignore, overlook

Sentence: She began to mull over the various possibilities.

  1. Aversion (noun)

Meaning: a strong dislike or disinclination. (घृणा)

Synonyms: dislike of, distaste for, hatred

Antonyms: affection, appetite, love

Sentence: He had a deep-seated aversion to most forms of exercise.

  1. Dizzy (adj.)

Meaning: having or involving a sensation of spinning around and losing one’s balance. (अस्थिर/चक्कर)

Synonyms: giddy, lightheaded, faint

Antonyms: clearheaded, stable, steady

Sentence: Jonathan had begun to suffer dizzy spells.

  1. Perturb (verb)

Meaning: make (someone) anxious or unsettled. (घबड़ा देना)

Synonyms: worry, upset, unsettle

Antonyms: calm, compose, quiet

Sentence: They were perturbed by her capricious behavior.

  1. Sporadic (adj.)

Meaning: occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated. (छिटपुट)

Synonyms: occasional, infrequent, irregular

Antonyms: constant, continuous, periodic

Sentence: Her attendance at school was sporadic.

  1. Allay (verb)

Meaning: diminish or put at rest (fear, suspicion, or worry). (कम करना)

Synonyms: reduce, diminish, decrease

Antonyms: increase, intensify, enlarge

Sentence: The report attempted to educate the public and allay fears.

  1. Adamant (adj.)

Meaning: refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind. (हठी)

Synonyms: adamantine, bullheaded, inconvincible

Antonyms: acquiescent, agreeable, flexible

Sentence: He is adamant that he is not going to resign.

  1. Recondite (adj.)

Meaning: (of a subject or knowledge) little known (गंभीर)

Synonyms: obscure, abstruse, arcane

Antonyms: shallow, superficial, simple

Sentence: The book is full of recondite information.

  1. Serendipity (noun)

Meaning: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. (नसीब)

Synonyms: luck, good fortune, chance,

Antonyms: mischance, misfortune, unluckiness

Sentence: Nature has created wonderful serendipity.

  1. Feeble (adj.)

Meaning: lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness. (कमज़ोर)

Synonyms: weak, puny, frail

Antonyms: mighty, powerful, rugged

Sentence: My legs are very feeble after the flu.

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