The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  13th August 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  13th August 2021

Vocabulary forms the most important aspect of many competitive exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams. So here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for various examinations.


  1. Appetite (noun)

Meaning: a natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, especially for food. (भूख)

Synonyms: hunger, ravenousness, hungriness

Antonyms: inappetence, satiety, satisfaction

Sentence: Don’t eat before dinner, as it will spoil your appetite.

  1. Erroneous (adj.)

Meaning: wrong; incorrect. (ग़लत)

Synonyms: incorrect, mistaken, in error

Antonyms: accurate, correct, right

Sentence: Employers sometimes make erroneous assumptions.

  1. Scribe (noun)

Meaning: a person who copies out documents, especially one employed to do this before printing was invented. (मुंशी)

Synonyms: clerk, secretary, copyist

Sentence: The scribe keeps the minutes of the club’s meetings.

  1. Ameliorate (verb)

Meaning: make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better. (सुधार)

Synonyms: improve, make better, enhance

Antonyms: worsen, disfigure, mar

Sentence: The reform did much to ameliorate living standards.

  1. Erudite (adj.)

Meaning: having or showing great knowledge or learning. (वैज्ञानिक)

Synonyms: learned, scholarly, well educated

Antonyms: illiterate, uneducated, unlearned

Sentence: He could turn any conversation into an erudite discussion.

  1. Imbecile (noun)

Meaning: a stupid person. (मूर्ख)

Synonyms: fool, idiot, cretin

Antonyms: genius, intellect

Sentence: The king was an imbecile.

  1. Probity (noun)

Meaning: the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency. (ईमानदारी)

Synonyms: integrity, honesty, uprightness

Antonyms: evil, dishonesty, immorality

Sentence: A person of indisputable probity must head the disciplinary panel.

  1. Crusader (noun)

Meaning: a fighter in the medieval Crusades. (जेहादी)

Synonyms: campaigner, fighter, battler

Antonyms: dabbler, dilettante, nonmilitant

Sentence: He fought as a crusader at the Navas de Tolosa, he went to Rome to be crowned and did voluntary homage to the pope.

  1. Pertained (verb)

Meaning: be appropriate, related, or applicable. (संबंधित)

Synonyms: concern, relate to, involve

Antonyms: irrelevant, irrelative

Sentence: Your questions should pertain directly to the discussion topic.

  1. Impound (verb)

Meaning: seize and take legal custody of (something, especially a vehicle, goods, or documents) because of an infringement of a law or regulation. (ज़ब्त करना)

Synonyms: confiscate, seize, commandeer

Antonyms: discharge, free, liberate

Sentence: Vehicles parked where they cause an obstruction will be impounded.

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