The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  13th March 2023

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  13th March 2023

Vocabulary is a must for candidates appearing in any competitive examination. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to increase vocab power and help you in your preparation for many exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Connoisseur (noun)

Meaning: an expert judge in matters of taste. (विशेषज्ञ)

Synonyms: expert, master, scholar

Antonyms: novice, amateur, beginner

Sentence: I’m no connoisseur but I know good champagne when I taste one.

  1. Braving (verb)

Meaning: to oppose (something hostile or dangerous) with firmness or courage (सामना करना)

Synonyms: confronting, facing, encountering

Antonyms: avoiding, ducking, sidestepping

Sentence: He did not feel up to braving the journalists at the airport.

  1. Belittling (adj.)

Meaning: dismissive of the importance of a person or thing. (महत्व कम करना)

Synonyms: demeaning, disparaging, degrading

Antonyms: laudatory, commendatory, admiring

Sentence: Stop belittling yourself – your work is highly valued.

  1. Prevaricate (verb)

Meaning: to make a statement one knows to be untrue (चालबाज़ी)

Synonyms: lie, fib, deceive

Antonyms: testify, assert

Sentence: Tell us exactly what happened and don’t prevaricate.

  1. Proprietor (noun)

Meaning: one who has a legal or rightful claim to ownership (मालिक)

Synonyms: owner, holder, landowner

Antonyms: tenant, lessee, squatter

Sentence: He is now the sole proprietor of the business.

  1. Reclamation (noun)

Meaning: the process of claiming something back or of reasserting a right. (उद्धार)

Synonyms: recovery, recapture, retrieval

Antonyms: loss, misplacement

Sentence: Pumped water out of the field as part of the land reclamation program designed to provide farmers with more farmland.

  1. Inadvertent (adj.)

Meaning: not resulting from or achieved through deliberate planning. (बेपरवाह)

Synonyms: unintentional, intended

Antonyms: careful, cautious

Sentence: An inadvertent administrative error occurred that resulted in an overpayment.

  1. Recompense (noun)

Meaning: compensation or reward given for loss or harm suffered or effort made. (मुआवज़ा)

Synonyms: compensation, reparation, indemnification

Sentence: She received a gift as recompense.

  1. Forborne (verb)

Meaning: politely or patiently restrain an impulse to do something; refrain. (रोकना)

Synonyms: refrain, abstain, desist

Antonyms: bow (to), give in (to), submit (to)

Sentence: He modestly forbears to include his own work.

  1. Parry (noun)

Meaning: ward off (a weapon or attack) with a countermove. (बचाव)

Synonyms: ward off, fend off, stave off

Antonyms: face, deal with, encounter

Sentence: He parried the blow by holding his sword vertically.

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