The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  16th March 2023

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  16th March 2023

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ is extremely important for almost every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams so here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost your vocab power and help you in your preparation for different examinations.


  1. Subpoena (noun)

Meaning: a writ ordering a person to attend a court. (लिखित आदेश)

Synonyms: warrant, written order

Sentence: He has been served with a subpoena to answer the charges in court.

  1. Impaneled (verb)

Meaning: as in enlisted (सूची में रखना)

Synonyms: inducted, enlisted, enrolled

Antonyms: excluded, rejected, omitted

Sentence: A new grand jury is to be impaneled Wednesday.

  1. Badinage (noun)

Meaning: good-natured teasing or exchanging of clever remarks (मज़ाक)

Synonyms: banter, raillery, repartee

Sentence: Mrs. Goreng was in no mood for intellectual badinage.

  1. Glum (adj.)

Meaning: looking or feeling dejected; sad. (उदास)

Synonyms: bleak, sad, depressed

Antonyms: cheerful, cheery, bright

Sentence: You look glum. What’s up?

  1. Animadversion (noun)

Meaning: criticism or censure. (निन्दा)

Synonyms: critique, reprimand, condemnation

Antonyms: commendation, endorsement

Sentence: Their animadversion is caused by the deep pain, disappointment, and sorrow of western civilization.

  1. Stealthy (adj.)

Meaning: behaving, done, or made in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard. (गुप्त)

Synonyms: furtive, secretive, secret

Antonyms: public, open

Sentence: Cats are among the stealthiest of stalkers.

  1. Nevermore (adv.)

Meaning: at no future time; never again. (कदापि नहीं)

Synonyms: not, seldom, never

Antonyms: forever, always, ever

Sentence: I order you gone, nevermore to return.

  1. Lineage (noun)

Meaning: lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree. (वंशावली)

Synonyms: ancestry, parentage, pedigree

Sentence: She’s very proud of her ancient royal lineage.

  1. Helter-Skelter (adj.)

Meaning: acting or done with excessive or careless speed (अस्त व्यस्त)

Synonyms: hurried, rushed, hasty

Antonyms: unhurried, deliberate, unrushed

Sentence: They ran away helter-skelter, but the police gained ground upon them.

  1. Chattel (noun)

Meaning: transportable items that one owns (संपत्ति)

Synonyms: possession, belongings, stuff

Sentence: She packed up all her chattels and moved to a new state.

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