The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 18th August 2020

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 18th August 2020

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary‘ plays a vital role in every exam. Banking , Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provides you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job. 

1.VENIAL (ADJECTIVE):  (क्षम्य

Synonyms: allowable, forgivable 

Antonyms: inexcusable, unforgivable 

Example: The cuss word the non right-wingers are using is sheer venial. 

  1. SECULAR (ADJECTIVE):  (धर्म निरपेक्ष)

Synonyms: not spiritual, profane 

Antonyms: religious, spiritual 

Example: Both secular and religious institutions can apply for the funds. 

  1. SWAY (NOUN): predominance (बोलबाला)

Synonyms: strong influence, command 

Antonyms: powerlessness, inefficiency 

Example: Her performance created a strong sway on audience. 

Synonyms: assurance, guarantee 

Antonyms: doubt, confusion 

Example: Ravi gave me assurance that he would manage everything. 

  1. CONFISCATE (VERB): (ज़ब्त करना)

 Synonyms: appropriate, impound

Antonyms: free, release

Example: They confiscated weapons, ammunition and propaganda material.
6. CONFLUENCE (NOUN): (संगम)

Synonyms: junction, concurrence

Antonyms: division, separation

Example: The confluence of warm and cold temperatures is going to create a powerful storm. 

  1. CONGEAL (VERB): (जमाना):

 Synonyms: coagulate, curdle

Antonyms: melt, soften

Example: She wanted to wash the frying pan before the bacon fat had a chance to congeal.

  1. CONGENITAL (ADJECTIVE): (जन्मजात)

Synonyms: innate, inherent

Antonyms: foreign, external

Example: When he was 17, he died of congenital heart disease.

  1. CONGREGATION (NOUN): (जनसमूह)

Synonyms: audience, crowd

Antonyms: diffusion, division

Example: Most members of the congregation arrived a few minutes before the service.

  1. PERVERION (NOUN) (दोष)

Synonyms: burlesque, distortion

Antonyms: seriousness, solemnity

Example: The absurdly lenient sentence is a perversion of justice. need your support to Grow

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