The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  18th August 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  18th August 2021

In the modern competitive era, most of the exams have the English Language as a section. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocabulary power and help you prepare for the exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Agony (noun)

Meaning: extreme physical or mental suffering. (तीव्र पीड़ा)

Synonyms: pain, hurt, suffering

Antonyms: comfort, ease, relief

Sentence: He crashed to the ground in agony.

  1. Astounding (adj.)

Meaning: surprisingly impressive or notable. (अद्भुत)

Synonyms: amazing, astonishing, staggering

Antonyms: unimpressive, boring, dull

Sentence: There was an astounding 20% increase in sales.

  1. Surreal (adj.)

Meaning: having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre. (विचित्र)

Synonyms: unreal, bizarre, unusual

Antonyms: logical, rational

Sentence: Meeting you here like this is positively surreal!

  1. Vile (adj.)

Meaning: extremely unpleasant. (नीच)

Synonyms: foul, nasty, unpleasant

Antonyms: decent, ethical, good

Sentence: He has a vile temper.

  1. Culminate (verb)

Meaning: reach a climax or point of highest development. (समापन)

Synonyms: peak, climax, end with

Antonyms: start, begin

Sentence: He culminated the school year with a trip to New York.

  1. Dissonant (adj.)

Meaning: lacking harmony. (कर्कश)

Synonyms: inharmonious, disharmonious, discordant

Antonyms: harmonious, melodious, harmonizing

Sentence: A lot of harsh, dissonant music has been composed in the last 40 years.

  1. Conjecture (noun)

Meaning: an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information. (अनुमान)

Synonyms: guess, speculation, surmise

Sentence: Conjectures about the newcomer were many and varied.

  1. Spur (noun)

Meaning: a thing that prompts or encourages someone; an incentive. (प्रेरणा)

Synonyms: stimulus, incentive, encouragement

Antonyms: counterincentive, disincentive

Sentence: Profit was both the spur and the reward of enterprise.

  1. Obscure (adj.)

Meaning: not discovered or known about; uncertain. (अस्पष्ट)

Synonyms: unclear, uncertain, unknown

Antonyms: clear, obvious, plain

Sentence: The story of his origin is very obscure.

  1. Despondency (noun)

Meaning: a state of low spirits caused by loss of hope or courage. (निराशा)

Synonyms: disheartenment, discouragement, dispiritedness

Antonyms: encouragement, hope, hopefulness

Sentence: Life’s not all gloom and despondency.

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