The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 21st July 2020

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 21st July 2020

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary‘ plays a vital role in every exam. Banking , Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provides you The Hindu Vocabulary on daily basis to enhance vocabulary power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.

  1. ERUDITE (ADJECTIVE): (विद्वान): scholarly 

Synonyms: educated, learned

Antonyms: unintellectual, absent-minded

Example: Aditi is one of the erudite students of the class. 

  1. SPUNKY (ADJECTIVE): (दिलेर): spirited 

Synonyms: energetic, courageous

Antonyms: inactive, lethargic

Example: Abhinav is a spunky boy. 

  1. UNDAUNTED (ADJECTIVE): (निडर): fearless 

Synonyms: steadfast, undeterred

Antonyms: coward, timorous

Example: Kamlesh is an undaunted officer. 

  1. APPEASE (VERB): (शांत करना): pacify 

Synonyms: soothe, satisfy

Antonyms: aggravate, irritate

Example: Every political leader tries to appease the minorities to create its own vote bank. 

  1. GENUFLECT (VERB): (घुटने के बल बैठना): kowtow 

Synonyms: bow, kneel

Antonyms: disrespect, disregard

Example:  Rajat just genuflect before almighty. 

  1. ALLY (NOUN): Associate: (सहयोगी

Synonyms: partner, colleague 

Antonyms: enemy, opponent 

Example: India’s Prime Minister met his chines ally. 

  1. PEJORATIVE (ADJECTIVE): Debasing: (अपमानजनक)

Synonyms: deprecatory, derogatory 

Antonyms: complimentary, praising 

Example : Alpa pejorative remark made Marry cry. 

  1. AMALGAM (NOUN): Mixture: (मिश्रण)

Synonyms: compound, fusion 

Antonyms: division, separation 

Example: It was the best amalgam of respect and sincerity. 

  1. COALITION (ADJECTIVE): Affiliation: (गठबंधन)

Synonyms: alliance, confederacy 

Antonyms: detachment, disconnection 

Example: Few politicians have formed a coalition. 

  1. UPFRONT (ADJECTIVE): Genuine: (वास्तविक)

Synonyms: instinctive, real 

Antonyms: intricate, artificial 

Example: Sonal is very upfront kind of girl.


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