The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 22nd January 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 22nd January 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays vital role in every exam. Banking , Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provides you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.

Vocabulary (The Hindu)

  1. ABSOLVE :  To forgive; to free from guilt

Synonyms: exculpate, pardon    

Antonyms: accuse, blame

Example: Marta felt greatly relieved after her mother absolved her for breaking the vase.

  1. AESTHETE : Person having or affecting sensitivity to beauty

Synonyms: connoisseur, epicure    

Antonyms: ignoramus, ignorant

Example: Consuela’s friends called her an aesthete when she claimed that Monet’s paintings made her cry.

3.ARCHETYPAL : Characteristic of the original model or perfect example

Synonyms: classic, consummate     

Antonyms: common

Example: Shakespeare’s sonnets are considered archetypal love poems.

  1. BUFFOONERY : Foolish behavior

Synonyms: jocularity, clowning    

Antonyms:  tragedy, seriousness

Example: Clarence, an irrepressible comic, was held after class for his buffoonery.

5.CIVILITY : Politeness

Synonyms:  courtesy, consideration      

Antonyms: rudeness, discourtesy

Example: The usually unruly Thomas acted with great civility when his favorite uncle visited.

  1.    6. DRAB : Dull, monotonous

Synonyms: dreary, colorless    

Antonyms: cheerful, bright

Example: The drab winter scene made Keisha long for the vibrant colors of spring.

  1. EMBELLISH: To decorate

Synonyms: adorn, garnish 

Antonyms: disfigure, spoil

Example: Sari embellished the plain curtains with satin ribbons and tassels.

  1. GRUFF: Rough or stern in manner or speech

Synonyms: surly, brusque         

Antonyms: tactful, polite

Example: Heidi’s grandfather was gruff, barking stern orders and hardly smiling.

  1. GARISH : Offensively bright

Synonyms: gaudy, loud              

Antonyms: plain, simple

Example: The garish wallpaper offended Jerome, who preferred subtle colors.

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