The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 23rd April 2020

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 23rd April 2020 

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary‘ plays a vital role in every exam. Banking , Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provides you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.  

  1. FLAW (NOUN): (दोष

Synonyms: blemish, defect 

Antonyms: advantage, perfection 

Example: Having too many friends is not a character flaw, she said.

  1. FATALITY (NOUN): (मृत्यु)

Synonyms: casualty, mortality 

Antonyms: birth, inception

Example: He was broken by the fatality at his home.

  1. STATUTORY (ADJECTIVE): (सांविधिक)

 Synonyms: lawful, judicial 

Antonyms: illegitimate, illicit

Example : Rakesh is on a statutory parole.

  1. REMODEL (VERB): (फिर से तैयार बनाना)

Synonyms: overhaul, refurbish 

Antonyms: destroy, ruin

Example: He got his house remodelled.

  1. PILE-UP (NOUN): (भिड़न्त)

Synonyms: hazard, collision 

Antonyms: boon, blessing

Example: He met with a pile-up on the way to Kashmir.

  1. UPRISING (NOUN): (विद्रोह)

Synonyms: rebellion, revolt

Antonyms: harmony, obedience

Example: We have witnessed many uprisings in the past.

  1. AMBIGUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अस्पष्ट)

Synonyms: enigmatic, puzzling

Antonyms: determined, unambiguous

Example: They spoke many ambiguous statements.

  1. COERCION (NOUN): (दबाव)

Synonyms: intimidation, duress

Antonyms: freedom, liberty

Example: They surrendered due to the coercion faced by them.

  1. EXPLICIT (ADJECTIVE): (स्पष्ट)

Synonyms: unambiguous, precise

Antonyms: unreliable, vague

Example: We need to define explicit objectives first in order to achieve them.

  1. WINSOME (ADJECTIVE): (मनोहर)

Synonyms: appealing, delightful

Antonyms: repulsive, unattractive

Example: She gave him her most winsome smile. need your support to Grow

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