The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  26th January 2023

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  26th January 2023

Vocabulary plays a vital role in scoring good marks in the English section of various competitive exams that you can improve if you work in the right direction. So, we are providing you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to increase your vocabulary power, which will help you prepare for many exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other government exams.


  1. Prophylactic (adj.)

Meaning: concerned with or serving to keep something from happening (प्रतिबंधक)

Synonyms: precautionary, preventative, preventive

Antonyms: aiding, assisting, easing

Sentence: The many prophylactic measures that city officials could have taken to reduce the scope of the disaster.

  1. Killjoy (noun)

Meaning: a person who deliberately spoils the enjoyment of others through resentful or overly sober behavior. (मज़ा खराब करने वाला)

Synonyms: spoilsport, moaner, complainer

Antonyms: jester, reveller, celebrator

Sentence: Don’t invite him. He’s such a killjoy.

  1. Egging (verb)

Meaning: urge or encourage someone to do something, especially something foolish or risky. (अनुरोध करना)

Synonyms: urge, goad, incite

Sentence: Stop egging him on to drink more!

  1. Languorous (adj.)

Meaning: characterized by tiredness or inactivity, especially of a pleasurable kind. (सुस्त)

Synonyms: languid, lackadaisical, listless

Antonyms: ambitious, energetic, active

Sentence: Summer has a slow, languorous feel to it here.

  1. Acquisitiveness (noun)

Meaning: excessive interest in acquiring money or material things. (अर्जनशीलता)

Synonyms: greediness, covetousness, cupidity

Antonyms: gratification, satisfaction, contentment

Sentence: His villa is filled with evidence of his acquisitiveness.

  1. Fritter (verb)

Meaning: waste time, money, or energy on trifling matters. (व्यर्थ नष्ट करना)

Synonyms: squander, waste, misuse

Antonyms: conserve, save

Sentence: I wish we hadn’t frittered the money away so easily

  1. Intrepid (noun)

Meaning: strength of mind to carry on in spite of danger (निडरता)

Synonyms: courage, bravery, fearlessness

Antonyms: cowardice, timidity, fearfulness

Sentence: To be an astronaut, you must be an intrepid person who craves adventure and is not afraid of heights.

  1. Mercurial (adj.)

Meaning: (of a person) subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind. (अस्थिर)

Synonyms: volatile, capricious, temperamental

Antonyms: certain, changeless, constant

Sentence: Advertising is a mercurial business.

  1. Voluble (adj.)

Meaning: (of a person) talking fluently, readily, or incessantly. (बातूनी)

Synonyms: talkative, verbose, garrulous

Antonyms: silent, speechless, quiet

Sentence: Clarissa was extremely voluble on the subject of good manners.

  1. Decrepit (adj.)

Meaning: (of a person) elderly and infirm. (बूढ़ा)

Synonyms: feeble, infirm, weak

Sentence: A decrepit old man sat on a park bench.

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