The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  26th May 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  26th May 2022

Vocabulary is a must for candidates appearing in any competitive examination. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to increase vocab power and help you in your preparation for many exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Perversity (noun)

Meaning: a deliberate desire to behave in an unreasonable or unacceptable way; contrariness. (प्रतिकूलता)

Synonyms: contrariness, perverseness, awkwardness

Antonyms: amiability, serenity

Sentence: She’s marrying him out of sheer perversity.

  1. Avid (adj.)

Meaning: having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something. (उत्सुक)

Synonyms: keen, eager, enthusiastic

Antonyms: apathetic, indifferent, unenthusiastic

Sentence: She’s an avid reader of historical novels.

  1. Risible (adj.)

Meaning: such as to provoke laughter. (हास्यास्पद)

Synonyms: laughable, comedic, comic

Antonyms: humorless, lame, unamusing

Sentence: A risible comment that made the whole class laugh.

  1. Entice (verb)

Meaning: attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage. (लुभाने)

Synonyms: tempt, allure, lure

Antonyms: drive (away or off), repulse

Sentence: The adverts entice the customer into buying things they don’t really want.

  1. Heinous (adj.)

Meaning: (of a person or wrongful act, especially a crime) utterly odious or wicked. (जघन्य)

Synonyms: odious, wicked, evil

Antonyms: innocuous, inoffensive, pleasant

Sentence: They admitted to the most heinous crimes.

  1. Convalesce (verb)

Meaning: recover one’s health and strength over a period of time after an illness or operation. (अच्छा हो जाना)

Synonyms: get better, recover, get well

Antonyms: ail, collapse, sicken

Sentence: He will need about a week to convalesce after his hospital stay.

  1. Strenuous (adj.)

Meaning: requiring or using great exertion. (ज़ोरदार)

Synonyms: arduous, difficult, hard

Antonyms: effortless, facile, simple

Sentence: All your muscles need more oxygen during strenuous exercise.

  1. Rouse (verb)

Meaning: cause to feel angry or excited. (उत्तेजित करना)

Synonyms: stir up, excite, galvanize

Antonyms: rest, calm

Sentence: The crowds were roused to fever pitch by the drama of the race.

  1. Unwonted (adj.)

Meaning: unaccustomed or unusual. (असामान्य)

Synonyms: unusual, uncommon, unaccustomed

Antonyms: common, customary, normal

Sentence: He spoke with unwonted enthusiasm.

  1. Cynical (adj.)

Meaning: having or showing a deep distrust of human beings and their motives (संदेहास्पद)

Synonyms: Distrustful, Doubtful

Antonyms: Trustful, Cheerful

Sentence: I think she takes a rather cynical view of men.

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