The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  4th March 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  4th March 2022

In this competitive world, a strong Vocabulary will help a candidate ace learning English for competitive exams. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocabulary power and help you in your preparation for the exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Conscience (noun)

Meaning: an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior. (अंतरात्मा की आवाज)

Synonyms: sense of right, moral sense, inner voice

Sentence: Her conscience told her to find the lost wallet’s owner.

  1. Trappings (noun)

Meaning: the outward signs, features, or objects associated with a particular situation, role, or thing. (ताम-झाम)

Synonyms: adornment, beautifier, caparison

Antonyms: blemish, defacement, disfigurement

Sentence: Despite its democratic trappings, the country’s government was a dictatorship.

  1. Fallible (adj.)

Meaning: capable of making mistakes or being erroneous. (दोषक्षम)

Synonyms: error-prone, erring, errant

Antonyms: faultless, flawless, impeccable

Sentence: This method is more fallible than most because it depends on careful and accurate timing.

  1. Effete (adj.)

Meaning: (of a person) affected, overrefined, and ineffectual. (अशक्त)

Synonyms: affected, over-refined, ineffectual

Antonyms: undecadent, determined, mettlesome

Sentence: People said the aristocracy was effete.

  1. Longevity (noun)

Meaning: the time period during which something exists or lasts (समय सीमा)

Synonyms: life, life span, lifetime

Sentence: Certain species of tortoise are known for their extreme longevity.

  1. Puerile (adj.)

Meaning: having or showing the annoying qualities (as silliness) associated with children (बचकाना)

Synonyms: childish, immature, infantile

Antonyms: adult, experienced, mature

Sentence: I find his sense of humor rather puerile.

  1. Deportation (noun)

Meaning: the action of deporting a foreigner from a country. (निर्वासन)

Synonyms: expulsion, expelling, banishment

Antonyms: repatriation, return, immigration

Sentence: Several of the asylum seekers now face deportation.

  1. Distraught (adj.)

Meaning: deeply upset and agitated. (व्याकुल)

Synonyms: worried, upset, distressed

Antonyms: calm, peaceful, placid

Sentence: Her distraught mother had spent all night waiting by the phone.

  1. Cataclysmic (adj.)

Meaning: relating to or denoting a violent natural event. (दुर्घटना)

Synonyms: disastrous, catastrophic, calamitous

Antonyms: non-destructive, protective

Sentence: These countries are on the brink of cataclysmic famine.

  1. Slapdash (adj.)

Meaning: done too hurriedly and carelessly. (किसी न किसी तरह)

Synonyms: careless, slipshod, lackadaisical

Antonyms: methodical, organized, systematic

Sentence: She has a very slapdash approach to keeping accounts.

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