Tips and Trick to solve Banking puzzles

Tips and Trick to solve Banking puzzles

Most of the aspirants must be knowing about the importance of banking puzzles. It covers a major weightage of reasoning section of the Banking exams. Hence not including banking puzzles in preparation could be a big loss to the aspirant as there are chances that they won’t be able to attempt the question and get marks out of it.

Puzzles are component of both prelims and mains examination, which makes it unavoidable at any cost.

Questions of banking puzzles mainly includes different variations in sitting arrangements and logical puzzles in mains exam. The question on puzzles mainly comes from Seating Arrangement (linear, circular, triangular, rectangular), Floor based puzzle, Box Puzzles, Tabular puzzles, etc.

♦Here are some points to be kept in mind while solving the puzzle:

  • Read the question thoroughly, divide it into parts.
  • Write down or make flow chart of the statements (conditions) given in the question on a rough sheet.
  • Keep in mind that there could be more than one possibility, so make different possibilities.
  • Link these statements according to the question.
  • Read the question again and verify the link between statements.
  • Keep cancelling out the incorrect possibilities based on link of statements.
  • Verify your final answer by checking that it qualifies all the statements (conditions) given in the question.

♦Other points:

  1. look for words such as “exactly”, ” never”, “Cannot be”, trick for the question is hidden in such words.
  2. Keep cross checking the gender mentioned in the statement.
  3. Beware about direction mentioned: a single person could be indicated twice with respect to its position and direction to the other person.
  4. Only follow the term written in statement, do not add assumptions.

♦How to clear this section:

  • The section includes brain teasers that checks the thinking ability of the candidates; thus, candidates are required to sharpen their mind and pick up points faster as they have time boundations. This expertise comes only from practice. Thus, practice at least 7-8 questions every day to get a good command on this section.

Puzzle and Seating Arrangement

Memory based Puzzle


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