What is the election procedure of the president of india

The Election Process of President of India

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India will soon get the successor to Ram Nath Kovind as the president of India. Around 4,800 elected MPs and MLAs is casting their votes on today (i.e.18th July) to elect the 15th President of India. Droupadi Murmu, who is former Jharkhand Governor and tribal leader, is the nominated for president election from NDA led ruling party, while Opposition has nominated its candidate Yashwant Sinha who is a former union minister in the Vajpayee government.

The polling is going to be held in Parliament House and state legislative assemblies for which ballot boxes have already reached their destinations.

Ballot boxes will be opened for counting of votes on July 21 at Parliament House. The candidate who got majority votes will be take oath on July on 25th July as a President of India. The tenure of current president Ram Nath Kovind is going to end on July 24.

Who is eligible to vote?

The election process of the President of India is done through Electoral College system. The Electoral College system consist the elected members of both Houses of Parliament and the elected members of the Legislative Assemblies of the States (including the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi and the Union Territory of Puducherry). This process is described in constitution of India and must follow it accordance with Article 55 of the Constitution.

Who is not eligible to vote?

The members who are nominated to either House of Parliament or the Legislative Assemblies of State including NCT of Delhi and UT of Puducherry are not eligible to be included in the Electoral College.

Total value of vote:

The total value of presidential voting is 10, 86,431 (MPs – 5, 43,200) (MLAs – 5, 43,231).

Secret ballot:

The system for holding presidential election is ‘Proportional Representation’ by means of the single transferable vote and the voting at such election shall be by secret ballot.

The ballot paper does not bear any election symbol. In the ballot paper two columns are available in which 1st Column shows the heading “Name of Candidate” and second column shows the heading “order of preference”.

Question & Answer:


Q1. India is holding election for selecting which numbered President of India?

Q2. What is the name of system under casting of vote for presidential election to be held?

Ans. Electoral College system

Q3. How much value of total votes for 15th president of India?

Ans. 10, 86,431

Q4. Who are the nominated for election of Next President?

Ans. Droupadi Murmu and Yashwant Sinha



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