Why India won’t go along with US, France and others in censuring China for COVID at this time

Why India won’t go along with US, France and others in censuring China for COVID at this time

 The worldwide loss of life from the coronavirus keeps on increasing i.e. 2,48,000 by 3 May evening, of which more than 68,600 deaths are in the US only.

US has made a claim requesting $20 trillion in compensation and Germany is every day slapping a €150 billion bill on Beijing.

In a reply to this, China is saying in defense that it moved quickly to contain the virus on the cost of its own residents’ life so that it can buy some time for the world to protect itself.

♦China, the bothered party

  • US President Donald Trump has warned China that they will face the results of permitting COVID to turn into a pandemic.
  • President Trump said that China is a big bad wolf, while the poor Chinese individuals are its prey.
  • Li proceeds to bring out another verifiable correlation, which is that in the Chinese calendar, the year 2020 is the Year of Gengzi, which happens at regular intervals and that two cycles prior, in 1900, the Eight-Country Coalition (drove by England, alongside the US, France, Tsarist Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy and the Austro-Hungarian realm) looted burned and attacked China.
  • Li includes “Presently, after 120 years. they are doing the same by improperly demanding compensation for the outbreak of COV D and by accusing china for this. If they need to settle the score with China, let us start from the harm China endured since the First Opium War in 1840.”

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♦India-China relationship

  • Truly, in the post-Jawaharlal Nehru period, most developing nations have succumbed to a similar Chinese talk. Unquestionably, China feels very strong about the recorded unfairness done to it and this inspires similarly solid opinions in countries with similar historical encounters, for instance in India. The Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai motto is an appearance of that affection.
  • Later in the mid-1960s, India, allegedly, bolstered the move for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council for the Peoples’ Republic, instead of breakaway Taiwan.
  • In the present decade, through the India-China border issue, Pakistan, Masood Azhar and Kashmir, and a great deal appears to have changed.
  • Simultaneously, the India-China monetary relationship has likewise developed significantly, with the crate of products fundamentally favouring China.

♦Why India is keeping quiet?

  • A Chinese expert who talked anonymously, has said that the Narendra Modi government’s not saying anything publically about the wrongdoings of China, in contrast to the US, is the correct one, in light of the fact that as of now India needs thousands of masks, protective gear, ventilators, etc. to manage the COVID outbreak and China is the only nation that can help in this.
  • India’s diplomat to China Vikram Misri has gone on record saying that he has its hands full, concentrating on managing the present emergency. The India-China relationship is unreasonably intricate for India to state anything openly at this moment.


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