Accounting & Finance for Bankers Recollected Questions (JAIIB Paper 2) : 12 June 2022

JAIIB Paper 2 Memory based Questions: 12 June 2022

The “Accounting & Finance for Bankers” paper exam have been conducted on 10 June 2022 by JAIIB.
Here we are providing the Recollected Questions of the JAIIB Exam. Candidates need to visit the “Accounting & Finance for Bankers Recollected Questions: JAIIB, 10 June 2022” post, so that they can get a clear idea about the questions that came in the Principles and practices of banking paper of JAIIB.
Here, we’ll take a closer look at the questions that came in the Accounting & Finance for Bankers paper of the JAIIB exam, in detail.
Candidates can Check the Recollected Questions of Accounting & Finance for Bankers paper: JAIIB, 10 June 2022 from here.


JAIIB AFB Memory Based Questions (12 June 2022) (Level – Easy to Moderate)

1)15/20 numerical
2)Types of petty cash
3)Home loan LTV
4)BSBDS OD question
5)Net profit ratio numerical – profit and loss components are given
6)Discount factoring
8)Promissory note feature question
9)CI question- Tenor and P given calculate P amount required
10)Annuity – calculate Present value – PVIF and PVIFA given
11)Dep- WDV method and SLM
12)Maximum questions came from P&L, balance sheet and accounting concepts
13)1 Or 2 questions from YTM
16)Capital budgeting
17)KYC guidelines
18)Sinking fund
19)Current account
20)Bonus share
21)2 to 3 questions from convention
22) 2 questions from AS
23)NPV related
24)IRR related
25)Reconciliation the entries
26)Payback period numerical,
27)Back end/front end interest
28)9 questions on KYC
29)Questions on Journal entry
30)Basic acc mai OD facility
31)Matching and materiality concepts
32)Total 3 4 questions concepts pe
33)Curnt ratio – 2:1 and quick ratio 1:5-1 CL : 160000
34)Value of inventories
35)Depriciation methods
36)Rectification k 4 questions
37)Baaki match the following k 5 6 question
38)Kyc guidelines
39)Sinking fund
40)Current acc
41)Bonus share
42)How many from annuity ytm irr sinking funds
43)From IRR a statement based question And sinking fund
44)Maximum questions came from p&L balance sheet and accounting concepts.
45)Only 1 Or 2 questions from ytm, annuity, depriciation and capital budgeting
46)AS 3 & AS 10 question
47)EMI- 50000, 12% for 4 years
48)Share- Forfeited question
49) Match the following: Nominal rule, real rule
50)Match the following: Cash ready, TOM rate, SPOT RATE and forward rate

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