Accounting & Finance for Bankers Recollected Questions (JAIIB Paper 2) : 27 Feb 2022

JAIIB Paper 2 Memory based Questions: 27 Feb 2022

The “Accounting & Finance for Bankers” paper exam have been conducted on 27 Feb 2022 by JAIIB.
Here we are providing the Recollected Questions of the JAIIB Exam. Candidates need to visit the “Accounting & Finance for Bankers Recollected Questions: JAIIB, 27 Feb 2022” post, so that they can get a clear idea about the questions that came in the Principles and practices of banking paper of JAIIB.
Here, we’ll take a closer look at the questions that came in the Accounting & Finance for Bankers paper of the JAIIB exam, in detail.
Candidates can Check the Recollected Questions of Accounting & Finance for Bankers paper: JAIIB, 27 Feb 2022 from here.

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JAIIB Paper 2 Accounting & Finance for Bankers (27/2/2022)

  • Mostly numerical in 2 marks and 1 mark. Theory in 0.5 marks
  • Rs. 1000 Bond with 10% coupon rate with annual payments and 5 years to maturity. If the interest rate required is 12%, how much you should pay? Ans – 927
  • Rectification of error (3-4 questions)
  • Future Value
  • Depreciation (sum of digit, written down and straight line method)
  • Bonds – 5 marks
  • Ratios – 4 Marks
  • Quick ratio calculation
  • Cross rate numerical
  • Converting euro to dollar – 2 marks
  • Annuity – 8 marks
  • Accounting standard – Maximum question
  • Accounting concept and convention – 10 questions
  • Recording and reporting stage
  • Call and notice money
  • Voucher
  • Capital and revenue expenditure
  • Total asset valuation
  • Foreign exchange
  • Journal entry
  • Final accounts of company
  • IRR/ERR – Internal rate of return (IRR) or economic rate of return (ERR) is a rate of return used in capital budgeting to measure and compare the profitability of investments. It is also called the “discounted cash flow rate of return” (DCFROR) or the rate of return (ROR).


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