AFCAT 2018 Exam Analysis and Review: 19th August- Shift 1

Dear students today is the Second day and first shift of AFCAT 2 2018 exam. We are providing Exam analysis of AFCAT Shift-1, so that all other aspirants can get an overall and clear idea about exam pattern and difficulty level. So dear students, without much ado, let’s get straight to the detailed  Exam analysis.

Section Level Good Attempts
Verbal English (25 questions) Moderate 15-18
Numerical Ability (18 questions) Difficult 9-11
Test Of Reasoning (32 questions) Moderate to Difficult 22-25
General Knowledge (25 questions) Moderate 13-16
Overall Moderate 62-70

Verbal English

In AFCAT Exam 2018, Verbal English section was Moderate, there were 3 questions from RC(Reading Comprehension) and 3 questions from Cloze Test.


Topic No of Questions Level
Fill in the blanks 5 Moderate
Error Detection 4 Moderate
Idioms/Phrases 4 Easy-Moderate
Reading Comprehension 3 Moderate
Antonym/ Synonym 3/3 Moderate
Cloze test 3 Easy-Moderate
Total 25 Moderate

Numerical Ability

In AFCAT Exam 2018, Numerical Ability was of Difficult Level. Most of the questions were based directly on Formulas and some were calculative.

Topic No of Questions Level
Profit/Loss and Discount 3 Easy-Moderate
Ratio & Percentage 1 Easy-Moderate
Mixture & allegations 1 Moderate
Algebra 1 Easy-Moderate
Time and Work 2 Moderate
Simplification 2 Moderate
Speed and Distance 3 Moderate
Average 2 Easy-Moderate
Total 15 Difficult

Test Of Reasoning

In AFCAT Exam 2018, Reasoning questions were of Moderate-Difficult level. Majority of questions were asked from non verbal topic.


Topic No of Questions Level
Non-Verbal (Image) 10 Moderate
Odd one out 5 Moderate
Analogy 5 Moderate
Venn diagram 4 Easy-Moderate
 Complete the pattern 5 Moderate
Miscellaneous 3 Easy-Moderate
Total 32 Moderate-Difficult

General Knowledge

In AFCAT Exam 2018, General Knowledge questions were asked from all aspects of GK, especially from History section, if you have knowledge of History, then you can easily score good marks in GK Section. 6 questions were asked from sports section.


Topic No of Questions Level
History 5 Easy-Moderate
Geography 4 Moderate
Science 5 Moderate-Difficult
Sports 6 Moderate-Difficult
Miscellaneous 5 Moderate
Total 25 Moderate

General Knowledge Questions Asked in this Shift

1.Who was the prime minister (india) when the second nuclear test was conducted ?
2.Who was awarded Wisden cricket of the year 2017 ?
3.Pristina is the capital of which country ?
4.The Man Who Broke The World Record For Pole Vaulting—35 Different Times
5.The term Cagers is related to which game.
6.Question based on buddhism religion.
7.Question based on the terms of volleyball games.
8.Konark Temple was established under which dynasty?

All the best for upcoming exams!!



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