All about Indian Missiles

All about Indian Missiles

Team Ambitiousbaba are here with a Current Affairs Special Series. In this series, candidates will be introduced to current affairs topics daily, which will not only improve their general awareness but also will ensure that the candidates do not lack in any current affairs topic. Today’s Current Affairs topic is “All about Indian Missiles

This article is about various types of Indian Missiles. We will discuss the ranges of Indian Missiles and the speed of Indian Missiles. We will see the list of surface to surface Indian Missiles and Cruise Indian Missiles.


Here are mentioned all types of missiles which owned by India. In this article one can understand and memorize all Indian missiles for exam point of view.

Importance of Missiles:

Missiles are very important weapons for the defence system of any country. Country’s strength in defence can be concluded by missiles owned by it.

India has established huge artillery in different types of missile for strengthening defence system of India.

There are different types of Indian missiles which are described as below:

Air-to-Air missile:

Name Range (in Km) Speed
Astra 80-110 Mach 4.5+
MICA 500 m-80 Km Mach 4
Navotor K-100 300-400 Mach 3.3


 Surface-to-Air missile:

Name Range (in Km)                         Speed
Akash Missile

I.            Akash- 1S

II.            Akash Mk-II

III.            Akash-NG



I.            18-30

II.            35-40

III.            50+


Mach 2.5 to 3.5

Prithvi Missile 2000 Mach 8
Trishul 9
Barak -8 100 Mach 2


 Cruise missile:

Name Range (in Km) Speed
Nirbhay 1,000 – 1500 Mach 0.8
BrahMos 290 Mach 2.8 to 3 Mach
BrahMos II 450 – 600 Mach 7


 Surface-to-Surface missile:

Name Range (in Km) Speed
Prithvi- I 150
Prithvi- II 300
Shaurya 750 to 1,900
Dhanush 350 – 600
Prahar 150
Agni – I 700-1250 Mach 7.5
Agni- II 2,000–3,000 Mach 12
Agni- III 3,000 5–6 km/s
Agni- IV 4,000 Mach 7
Agni- V 5,000 km Mach 24


 Anti-Tank guided missile:

Name Range (in Km) Speed
Helina 7 – 10
Nag 500 m – 4 km 230 m/s
Amogh 2.8


 Ballistic missile:

Name Range (in Km) Speed
A.) Submarine launched Ballistic Missiles:

1)      Sagarika (K-15)

2)      K-4

3)      K-5




1)      Around 750 Km

2)      Around 3,000 km

3)      Around 5,000 km

B.) Ballistic Missile defence system:

1.       Prithvi Air Defence

2.       Advanced Air Defence




1.       Altitude – 80 km

2.       Altitude – 30 km



1.       Mach 5+

2.       –


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