Boat And Stream Quiz for IBPS , SBI , RBI: Quiz – 2

Boat And Stream Quiz for IBPS , SBI , RBI: Quiz – 2

Boat And Stream plays a significant role in Quantitative Aptitude Section of banking exams such as IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk. You will get at least 1-2 questions from Boat and Stream in one of IBPS, SBI and RBI PO & clerk exam. So, aspirants should focus on Boat And Stream questions in detail. Here, we are providing you with the Boat and Stream questions quiz with the detailed solution so that you can easily prepare for Boat and Stream questions. We are providing here all-important latest pattern-based questions and Previous Year Questions of Boat And Stream of various Government Exam like IBPS, SBI, and RBI PO and Clerk exam. This Boat And Stream quiz we are providing is free. Attempt this Boat and Stream quiz to practice important questions with answers and solutions. And score better in IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk exam.

Boat And Stream Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam, IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk exam, IBPS RRB PO and assistant exam, LIC AAO, LIC Assistant and other competitive exam.

1. If the speed of boat in still water is five times to speed of current and boat cover 12 km downstream in 2 hours. Then in how many time boats will cover 100 km in upstream.

(a) 12 hr

(b) 18 hr

(c) 25 hr

(d) 28 hr

(e) 22 hr

Answer & Explanation

2. The time taken by a boat to row 12 km against the stream is same as time taken by boat to row 21 km with the stream. If speed of boat in still water is 5.5 kmph then find speed of boat is how much percent more than speed of stream?

Answer & Explanation

3. Speed of current is 75% of speed of boat in still water and a boat covers 42 km downstream and 21 km in upstream in 9 hours. Find speed of current?

(a) 9km/hr

(b) 8km/hr

(c) 6km/hr

(d) 4km/hr

(e) 12km/hr

Answer & Explanation

4. The sum of upstream and downstream speed of a boat is 36 km/h and if the boat travels 90 km downstream in 4 hr 30 min, then find the time taken by boat to travel 256 km upstream?

(a) 16 hr

(b) 12 hr

(c) 15 hr

(d) 10 hr

(e) 8 hr

Answer & Explanation

5. River flows from B to A (1000 km) with speed of 2 km/hr. Two boats P and Q, both having speed in still water of 10 km/h starts from A and B respectively and meets at point C. Find the ratio of distance AC and CB.

(a) 3 : 4

(b) 1 : 1

(c) 2 : 3

(d) 4 : 3

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

6. A boatman can cover a river of 60 km length and came back at its initial point in 4.5 hrs. If speed of boat is thrice than that of the speed of stream then find the speed of boat?

(a) 10

(b) 30

(c) 20

(d) 60

(e) 25

Answer & Explanation

7. If speed of boat in upstream is double than the speed of current and speed of boat in still water is 27 km/hr. Then find the time taken by boat to travel 54 km downstream? (in hour)

(a) 1.5

(b) 1.8

(c) 2.5

(d) 1.2

(e) 2

Answer & Explanation

8. A boat in upstream covers 110 km in same time as it covers 140 km in downstream. Find speed of stream is what percent of the speed of boat in still water.

(a) 12%

(b) 16%

(c) 15%

(d) 10%

(e) 20%

Answer & Explanation

9. A man can row 27 km upstream and 56 km downstream in 17 hours. If speed of boat in still water is 150% more than speed of current, find speed of boat while travelling upstream?

(a) 5 kmph

(b) 3 kmph

(c) 2 kmph

(d) 8 kmph

(e) 7 kmph

Answer & Explanation

10. If the sum of downstream and upstream speed of a boat is 12 kmph and ratio between speed of boat in sill water and upstream speed of boat is 3 : 2. Find the time require to cover 50 km by the boat if it cover half distance upstream and half downstream ?

Answer & Explanation

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