CAIIB BFM Recollected Questions : 4 December 2022

CAIIB Paper 2 Memory based Questions : 4 December 2022

JAIIB is a flagship course offered by IIBF. The exam is held twice every year – Once in May and once in November.  5th December CAIIB BFM exam We provide Recollected Questions . In these papers, maximum questions are repeated in every exam. So, Ambitious baba is providing you with CAIIB  recollected Question Papers of Bank Financial Management . These recollected Question Papers Bank Financial Management  will be very useful in upcoming shifts.

  • RAROC related question.
  • Max Days to to sumit lc after date of export
  • If Goods are exported in approved godown in foreign then how many months for clearing lc?
  • Default in payment etc
  • What is a Direct quote
  • what is hedging
  • Effect of balance of payment increase or decrease on value of rupees.
  • .Delivery Vs Payment mitigates which risk
  • CIF
  • FOB
  • ICCAP Case study
  • recognize which is Amortising swap or Basis swap or plain vanilla swap
  •  PCL can be extended up to how many days
  • Risk faced under different circumstances ( 5 marks)
  • Movement of market variables
  • Failure of system
  • one question on price risk
  • arbitrage question, which of the following is used for buying and selling in different markets to take advantage of price variation
  • exposure celing is decided by
  • fx software developed by
  • situation based on irrevocable lc
  • Defn of Daylight limit
  • Fx clear developed by ccil
  • Which of the following is not a derivative?
  • Agriculture product
  • Interest rate
  • Gases
  • Foreign exchange rates prescribed by which financial institution
  •  Beneficiaries of EXIM
  • Forex rates which will be used (including cash/spot charges and margin) in different scenarios
  • In which year India adopted direct quotation (forex)?
  •  Definition of sub-standard assets
  • Floating provisions case study
  • What is suppliers credit?
  • Profit planning in Bank requires which important measure?
  •  CET -1 calculation based on case study
  • Total RWAs based on case study as above
  • JPY/INR one unit means how much JPY
  • Beneficiaries of exim line of credit to??
  • Functions of CCIL
  • Functions of ECGC
  • 6-yr bond, Yield 8%, change in yield by 0.50%, => increase/decrease by 5.55 or increase/decrease by 2.82%
  • FBIL functions
  • loan sanction limit is 1400 crore, security is 10 crore , account is in Substandard then calculate provision amount..?
  • Max Days to to sumit lc after date of export
  • If Goods are exported in approved godown in foreign then how many months for clearing lc?
  • Case study Usd inr rates quoted

Cash/spot 5/3
Margin .05
Exchnge rate asked for exort bill value cash, fdi value spot, remmitance value cash

  • A future contract value related question
    Rs.80.50 per dollar
    Xyz Ltd bought futures contract of 1,00,000 usd
    reference rate Rs.80.00 per dollar
    Find how much contract bought by company xyz
    100 contract and 50000 gain
    100 contract and 50000 loss
    1000 contRact and 50000 gain
    1000 contract and 50000 loss



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