Digi Yatra App launched for Indian Airports

Digi Yatra App launched for Indian Airports

The paperless facial recognition system is now used during boarding service at major airports as the Digi Yatra service has gone live at Delhi, Bengaluru and Varanasi airport.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation launched a new digital service to offer paperless entry at airports. The ministry of civil aviation has issued a biometric based digital processing for the air travelers named as as ‘Digi Yatra’.

The service functions on facial recognition technology to save data and automatically process passengers’ information at checkpoints such as entry point check, security check and aircraft boarding.

About Digi Yatra:

Digi Yatra, a new facial recognition boarding service, has been introduced by the government at major airports.

The technology might be helpful in initiating paperless processing of passengers at airport checkpoints and along with self-bag drop and check-in service and facial recognition to identify pax and data recall.

It will benefit to passengers who are travelling by air as they are not required to carry their ID card and boarding pass for the boarding process further.


The availability of Digi Yatra service:

The aviation ministry has launched the paper-less travel system in phases for domestic flight passengers.

In the first phase, the service has been launched at seven airports.

The service is now live at three airports i.e. Delhi, Bengaluru, and Varanasi.

By March 2023, Digi Yatra will be availed to four more airports like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Vijayawada. The government will roll-out the technology across the country in phased manner.

The benefits of DigiYatra:

As the Civil Aviation Ministry has eliminated ID checks at check-in, passengers can experience faster movement to boarding gates.

The system is made contactless and paperless that will provide hassle free experience during travel.

Passengers are not required to carry ID or boarding pass at every checkpoint.

The time of Check-in at Airport will be reduced and it saves time and work for both airport authority and passengers.

The app is enabled to track the air passenger with the PNR that is enhancing the security.

This will also prevents frauds and only legitimate passengers will be allowed to board the plane.


Question & Answer:

Q1. What is the name of app which launched for on boarding services at airports?

Ans. Digi Yatra

Q2. Who is the union minister of Civil Aviation ministry?

Ans. Jyotiraditya Scindia

Q3. The Digi Yatra service is live for which of the airports in initial stage?

Ans. Delhi, Bengaluru, and Varanasi

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