CAIIB Previous years Exams Recollected Questions: Banking Financial Management (BFM)

CAIIB Previous years Exams Recollected Questions: Banking Financial Management (BFM)

CAIIB is a flagship course offered by IIBF. The exam is held twice every year – Once in June and once in November. Banking Financial Management (BFM) In these papers, maximum questions are repeated in every exam. So, Ambitious baba is providing you with CAIIB Previous Year recollected Question Papers for Banking Financial Management (BFM). These Previous Year recollected Question Papers will be very useful in upcoming examinations.

CAIIB paper 2 Recollected questions : 26th Dec 2020

  • Numerical on Pre and post shipment
  • LCR and liquify ration numerical 5 marks
  • Credit rating easy ques 5 marks
  • SLR CRR case study 5 marks
  • One question on NPA provisioning, with values to calculate
  • Trading book, Liquidity risk, 1-1 marks questions
  • Principals in Basel II – 5 marks case study
  • Systemic Risk, concentration, Interest rate risk, yeild curve, concept based 1-1 marks questions
  • A Bank has 20 cr under foreign translation exposure. Where does it appear? Statutory
  • reserve/profile and loss account/Surplus reserve
  • If banks do not meet crr limit based on what rate penal interest is charged ..if
  • requirement doesn’t meet on one day and what if it doesn’t meet on succeeding days also
  • Temporary assets to volatile liability ratio – >1 implies what, <1 implies what
  • Roles of supervisor in mentioned in what principles of supervisory review process
  • An importer has availed PC as preshipment loan but the order is cancelled for to somecommercial reasons. Now he wants bank to allow him to use the same loan by his sister concern which got a new export order. Can the bank permit the sister concern to avail the PC?
  • Insurance date is 09.10.2020. Shipment date is 08.10.2020. Can the bank accept the docs or can return stating there is discrepancy?
    What is the tenure of Treasury bills being issued? 91days/182days/364 days
  • A 10 year bond has modified duration of 4.62, what is price value-0.462*/0.0462/0.00462/46.2
  • Maturity Ladder
  • Call Money/Notice Money
  • ECGC
  • Types of Forex Accounts
  • Question on provisioning for standard assets
  • Question on risk rating AAA AA BB CC… – 5 Marks
  • Case study on Letter of credit – 5 Marks
  • Question on calculation of leverage ratio – 5 Marks
  • DGAP Equations related question – 5 Marks
  • Question on Rating migration – 5 Marks
  • Lot of questions related to ALM
  • Tier I and Tier-I capital questions
  • Yield problems
  • What is tier 2 capital?
  • EEFC ac case study
  • SLR And CRR ratio
  • Time bucket case study
  • Risk questions 3 4
  • Max questions on letter of credit
  • Treasury products

 BFM 15.12.2019

1. Volatility case study 5 marks simple but lenthy

2. Balance sheet case study- nii, profit, nim ,calculation  & economic equity ratio – send. 5 marks

3. LC if DDP term meaning 1 mark

4. Forex case study   which rate to be quoted defn., Cross rate how much amt vr. In exportes  and others 5 marks

5. CRR how many  % ans 4% 1 mark

6. Def of economic value method  in interest rate risk 1 mark

7. Defn og General Market crisis 1 mark

8. Case study on Liquidity RM – from 91 day fixed rate fd fixed rate asset for 10 yr created and others.. total 5 mark

9. Concept of NPA when ac will become std. My ans due intt. And principal for 90 days recovered 1 mark

10 NPA concept of intt realized in npa ac accounted  in that pre. Year. Some thing like 1 mark

11. When liquidity will increase ans Redn  In CRR 1 mark

12. Monthly var given calculate 4 day var 1 mark

13. Bib switch deal is Treasury product or not 1 mark

14 transfer pricing 1 mark

15. Leverage ration whole concept

16. Basel 1 risk weights

17. Pillar  III concept basel III

18. Delivery vs  payment mitigates which risk

19. Fx clear of CCIL is available for …ans USD/INR

20. British equivalent of CHIPS Ans CHAPS

21. Crr which only branch cash bal. Is considered??

22. Person visiting india  with USD 35000 should

which Ac should be opened … nro nre ra ??

23. Which risk in not covered by ECGC My ans war in the importers country

24. FATF based que.

25. Features of level 1 ADR

26. GDR risk beared by whom option issuer holder etc.

27 facilities to imp expo manufacturer firm will get which  3 yr 2 yr or 1 yr…

28. Treasury products not  subj. To market ans . govt sec t bills

29. CD issued for 26 days on which it will be encashed by holder

30. Cash management bills concept

31. Role of ALM committee

32. Securitization is activity of…ans  Corporate banking

33 default risk is part of .. ans Transaction level credit risk

34. Crr is applicable on …Ans t 2 debt cap instruments

35. Case study on call and out options 5 marks

36. Case study on capital for general market risk Horizontal Disallowance  and Vertical allowances 5 Marks.

37. HL taken by person for 15 yrs prepaid in 9 yrs which risk bank face ans… Embedded option3


Trading book risks not faced …intt. rate risk 39. Sensitivity risk identify from options ans ..Captures impact of only one market parameter

40. In RAROC…ans Revenue  cost and risk are matched on transaction and portfolio level

41. Calculate notional due date 90 +25 days

42. Forward contract should be settled within how many days

43. Crystallization of bill import   bill ans.. bank discretion

44. Important payments settlement …6 month from date of shipment

45. Payment directly received by importer settlement amt usd 3 lac.

46.  Forfeiting features …100% finance , without recourse

47. Forex cross currency simple multiplication

48. Buyers credit limit max 50 million per transaction automatic route

49. Nro ac of foreigners on short visit to india feature like max period 6 month

50. Which acs resident can open ans eefc dda rfc and rfc d.


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