Centre Govt. to Review Performance to Weed Out Corrupt, Inefficient Govt Employees

Centre Govt. to Review Performance to Weed Out Corrupt, Inefficient Govt Employees

Government to review Inefficient & Corrupt 30 plus-year Govt servants to retire them from service prematurely

The central government has asked all its departments to review the service records of employees who have completed thirty years in service.

The government has given this directive so that unqualified and corrupt employees can be identified and retired in the public interest ahead of time.

This information was given by the news agency PTI on Sunday quoting the order of the Personnel ministry (Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions).

What is this order for review of public servants by the centre?

According to the order, “It is clear that premature retirement of government servants is not a punishment under these rules. This is different from ‘compulsory retirement’ which is one of the penalties or convictions specified under the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965.

  • The review of employees’ performance is conducted under the Fundamental Rule (FR) 56 (J) and 56 (I), and Rule 48 (1) (b) of the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972.
  • Under the (FR) 56 (J) & 56 (I) and Rule 48 (1) (b) of the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972, the performance of employees is reviewed, which gives gives “absolute right” to the appropriate authority to retire the government servant, if it is necessary in public interest.
  • The order also said that the government can retire a government employee prematurely in public interest at any time after he attains the age of 50/55 years or after completing 30 years of service.
  • The govt. has the right to forcibly retire those officials who have completed 30 years’ service by giving him/her notice of not less than 3 months in writing or three months’ pay and allowances.

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What is going to be reviewed?

  • On applicability of FR 56 (J), the order mentioned the service record of a group A and B class officer may be reviewed if he/she has reached the age of 50 years (in case of joining service before thirty-five years of age) or after attaining 55 years (in case of joining service after thirty-five years of age).
  • The Personnel Ministry has conjointly asked all the departments to keep up a register for conducting such a review.
  • The review could include assessing officers supported the files dealt with by him or in any papers or reports ready and submitted by him of The Personnel Ministry has also mentioned the composition of a review committeeand broad criteria to be followed by it while conducting an assessment of the employees’ performance.
  • Govt servants whose integrity is uncertain shall be retired.
  • Govt servants found to be ineffective shall also be retired.
  • No government servant ought to ordinarily be retired on ground of ineffectiveness, if, in any event, he would be retiring on superannuation among one year from the date of consideration of his case, reads the factors mentioned within the order.
  • However, within the case wherever there is a sudden and sharp fall in the ability, potency or efficacy of a government servant, it might be open to review such a case also for early retirement, it said.

  Past obligatory retirements by the Modi govt

Since coming back to power in 2019, the second Modi government has obligatorily retired batches of inept and corrupt officers 5 times.

  1. The first mandatory retirements was done on Jun 10, 2019, when twelve high govt officers belonging to the revenue (income tax) department were retired.
  2. On Jun 18, 2019, the Modi govt cracked down on corruption by compulsorily retiring fifteen senior officers of CBIC.
  3. On Aug 26, 2019, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) obligatorily retired twenty-two more officers on charges of corruption.
  4. In September, it had retired 15 tax officials after PM Modi’s address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort saying that black sheep within the tax administration could have exploited their powers and harassed taxpayers.
  5. In Nov 2019, the Centre compulsorily retired twenty-one tax officers on account of varied charges taking the total to 85 tax officers ‘compulsorily retired in 2019.


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