Chief Minister breakfast scheme: Tamil Nadu

Chief Minister breakfast scheme: Tamil Nadu

Image Source- The Hindu

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu,M.K. Stalin has launched a CM breakfast scheme for the students of class 1st to class 5th in the government schools in TamilNadu. Under this scheme breakfast will be provided by the responsible government school authorities to the students.

According to the statement of the chief minister of Tamilnadu it is not a freebie,it is the government’s duty to feed the children who don’t afford any meal in the morning because they are in a hurry to reach school at time.

Important Facts:

The commencement of this ambitious scheme is started from a government school named Corporation Primary School Athimoolam 2nd in Simmakal, Madurai. The idea of this scheme has come when one day the chief minister of the state was on a visit to a government school and found the students tired and when he asked about the reason they told him that they hadn’t taken breakfast. Thus the Chief Minister decided to launch a breakfast scheme to provide breakfast for the students at the school.

About the scheme:

This breakfast scheme has been launched after 102 years. At the first time during the tenure of P. Theagaraya Chetty, he provided tiffin boxes for the students of a government school. This is one of the significant schemes of the state. There were many other schemes related to meals for the students of the government schools. In some the government provided mid day meals and in a few they extended those schemes in the past. Now it is followed by the current chief minister of Tamilnadu.

Under this scheme it is advisable to provide meals in the morning with great care and sanitation. The students of government schools of the state will be provided with healthy food in the breakfast at the school before attending the class so that they will have appropriate nutrition so that they can focus more on their studies.

Some data:

According to the statement of the chief minister of Tamilnadu, under this scheme,1545 government schools will be covered and 1.14 lakh students will get breakfast at their school. The cost of this programme is 12.75 rupees per day /per child.

Not only in our country but there are many countries where schemes that provide food for the students are applicable and result in the benefits of the students in their study. This is a great scheme with various benefits if it implements properly with arrangements.


The chief minister’s breakfast scheme paves the way of new ambitions towards the health of the children who come below nutrition criteria in the state. The country needs more such schemes.

Source – The Hindu

Questions And Answers:

Q1. Who is the chief minister of Tamilnadu?

Ans. M.K. Stalin

Q2. What is the name of the recent scheme launched by the chief minister of Tamilnadu?

Ans. The chief minister breakfast scheme

Q3. What is the aim of this scheme?

Ans. To provide breakfast for the students at the government schools.

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