Computer Awareness For IBPS RRB MAINS 2019| 7th October 2019: Updates Quiz

Computer Awareness 7th October 2019:Daily Computer Awareness quiz is playing a major role in any competitive exam. so here we are providing the current affairs quiz on daily basis for Bank, SSC & Railway Exams you can also read previous quizzes from Here

Q1. Software programs that close potential security breaches in an operating system

(a)          Refresh patches

(b)          Security breach fixes

(c)           Security patches

(d)          Fresh patches

(e)          Security repairs

Answer & Explanation

Q2. Which  of the following statements is false?

(a)          Unix supports multiple users

(b)          Shell takes care of inter process communication

(c)           Unix and Linux are  operating systems

(d)          Linux is an open source operating system and source code is shared

(e)          Shell provides the feature of I/O operation

Answer & Explanation

Q3. One way to Help menu quickly is to press ____shortcut key.

(a)          F2

(b)          F12

(c)           WINDOWS

(d)          F6

(e)          F1

Answer & Explanation

Q4.Which feature provides a cloud storage area where ou can store files in a private and secure online location that you can access from any computer?

(a)          SkyDrive

(b)          Wireless drop

(c)           Network

(d)          Overdrive

(e)          Cloud connect

Answer & Explanation

Q5. What is the core of the operating system?

(a)          Scripts

(b)          Commands

(c)           Shell

(d)          Core space

(e)          Kernel

Answer & Explanation

Q6. The scrambling of code is known as____

(a)          Firewalling

(b)          Deception

(c)           Password proofing

(d)          Encryption

(e)          Permuting

Answer & Explanation

Q7. _____sets a relationship between two tables that has a matching or same attributes

(a)          Primary key

(b)          Foreign key

(c)           Schema objects

(d)          Data dictionary report generator

(e)     None of these

Answer & Explanation

Q8.A virtual relation defined by the database administrator in order to keep subjects from viewing certain data is known as:

(a)          Attribute

(b)          Cell

(c)           View

(d)          Primary key

(e)          Data dictionary

Answer & Explanation

Q9. Which of the following is not one of the four types of database access?

(a)          Compressed

(b)          Public

(c)           Distributed

(d)          Shared

(e)          Individual

Answer & Explanation

Q10.Thre internetworking is related to which layer of the OSI model?

(a)          Presentation layer

(b)          Network layer

(c)           Session layer

(d)          Data link layer

(e)          Application layer

Answer & Explanation

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