Computer Awareness Free Class on YouTube for RRBs & RBI

Computer Awareness Free Class on YouTube for RRBs & RBI

Dear students,

We, Ambitious Baba are providing with all the study materials and classes to our students for a long time. We have provided various subject’s mock tests, YouTube classes, quizzes, etc. everything that could benefit for RRBs and RBI Exam.
Computer awareness is a part which is our new addition and which will now be covered on our YouTube channel, and we are happy to announce our free classes of Computer awareness for Banking and other related RRBs and RBI Exams.
Computer awareness is a subject that has a wide role in dynamic questions and comes in many competitive exams.
If you will understand all the concepts of computers and have an idea about computer terminology and abbreviations, then you can score decent marks in your exams. Also, practicing with us via our YouTube classes regularly will get you ahead of your fellow competitors.
We will explain here all the fundamental concepts and MCQs of Computers with a smart and student-friendly method to understand from basic to advance.
Our computer mentor belongs to the same field, have a vast knowledge of Computer subject, and have a teaching experience of more than 10 years.
This Computer awareness course covers all the concepts from basic to advance level for the examinations.
In this course, all the concepts will be cleared topic-wise and all the fundamental details from each and every topic will be covered.
An introductory video regarding the same with complete details on schedule and course planning details can be checked out from our YouTube channel.

Computer Awareness Class Study Plan

Lecture Topic Links
Class-1 Fundamental of Computer Click here
Class-2 Computer Hardware (Input & Output) Click here
Class-3 Software Click here
Class-4 Microsoft Office Click here
Class-5 Computer Memory Click here
Class-6 Computer Network and Internet Click here
Class-7 Computer Awareness Security Click here
Class-8 DBMS Click here
Class-9 Computer terminology : Full list Click here
Class-10 Important Computer Abbreviation

Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Numbers Covert process

Click here


Computer Awareness Online Test Series

Computer Awareness related FAQs

What is Computer Awareness?

Computers Awareness is a topic which gives an idea about the basics and working of computers. Computers are the basis of working of any organization in current time.

Why is Computer Awareness important?

Computer awareness is one of the most vital expertise in the current time. Knowledge/ Awareness of Computer plays a significant role in the modern workplace. And also, Computer awareness is a topic that a candidate should prepare for, it will help in exams, interviews and also while pursuing the actual job.

What exams are covered in this Computer Awareness free YouTube class?

For Computer Awareness of any exam like Banking, Insurance, Railways, SSCs, etc. you can try our Computer Awareness free YouTube classes. Our computer Awareness class will help you in banking exams like SBI PO, SBI clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, RBI Assistant, RBI Grade B, etc. In all examinations, our Computer Awareness will help you in boosting your marks overall.

From where, the Computer Awareness free classes can be accessed?

These Computer Awareness free classes can be accessed on YouTube both on your mobile or PC/laptop. You can bookmark the playlist of Computer Awareness YouTube classes for easy access. It helps you visit Computer Awareness YouTube classes immediately whenever needed.

How to prepare Computer Awareness section for the government exams?

Tips to prepare Computer Awareness section are given below:

  • Emphasis on understanding the concept
  • Practise computer questions regularly
  • Opt for our Computer Awareness free YouTube class
  • Give Computer mock tests and previous year question (PYQ) papers

What are the important Computer Awareness topics?

Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office package, Input Output Devices, Hardware Software, Computer Viruses, Internet, Search Engine, etc. are the important topics from which questions are generally asked in Computer Awareness.

Can you provide the Computer Awareness free YouTube class Playlist?

For Computer Awareness Playlist: Click Here

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